All the World’s a Stage!

This half term for our topic ‘All the World’s a Stage’ we have been capturing some amazing learning from the Woodpeckers, Canaries, Robins, Skylarks & Blue Jays classes to give you a glimpse of the brilliant learning happening all around school! The Woodpeckers have been exploring the colour Blue through their sensory art sessions. the Robins have been creating baubles to decorate their classroom with and have by using the EyeGaze some children have been learning how to use a computer by using just their eyes! The Canaries have been exploring Christmas for their sensory art sessions and have been making lots of noise in their drumming sessions. The Skylarks have been creating some beautiful music and the Blue Jays have been exploring our Kingfisher woods and have been practicing JABADAO in our Studio! Phew! So much phenomenal learning has been happening across school all half term! Please see below a film we have made all about this half term. We hope you enjoy ‘All the World’s a Stage’

Please also find below some photographs from this half term! For more photos, please follow us on Facebook!