Assessment for Learning

Thorough and careful assessment processes ensure children make outstanding progress.

Children should expect:-

  • Their learning journey to be well planned, monitored and targeted, identifying smalls steps in learning to ensure continuity and progress
  • Staff collaboration in planning for learning and a shared knowledge and understanding of next steps
  • Personalised Learning Plans which reflect individual needs, identify personal motivators, access and barriers to learning and effectively support their learning journey through school, co-ordinating all their needs and integrating multi-agency programmes
  • Recording of progress to capture all their learning and achievements
  • SMART Targets to be set for them which are both challenging and achievable
  • To be involved whenever possible in their learning journey and setting their own targets and evaluating their own performance
  • Their parents and carers to be kept informed and be involved with their learning and progress

Every child at Kingfisher has a Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) which is a comprehensive document encompassing all aspects of the child’s educational, health and medical needs in one place. We use an assessment tool called B Squared which helps us to track the very small steps of progress the children make. There are also a number of other assessment and recording tools in use throughout school which help us to develop a clear and accurate picture of every child’s progress in all aspects of their development.

Regular Pupil Progress meetings between teachers and the lead for Pupil Progress ensure that children’s progress is carefully monitored and reviewed.

Every child also has a “Learning Journey” file which is an evidence base of their achievements across English, Maths, Science, PSHE and SMSC. These are added to on a half termly basis and teachers moderate and standardise their judgements regularly. Over their years at Kingfisher, each child builds a detailed picture of their progress and experiences which eventually goes home with them once they leave Kingfisher at the end of Year 6.