What We Learnt Last Half Term

It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish

This half term’s topic has been ‘It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish’. We have been very busy developing our learning and looking at ways to recycle different items which might otherwise be thrown away.

In our Early English sessions we have been reading the story ‘This is the Bear’. We have been able to retell and talk about the story using symbols and some of us have been answering questions about the story too. We have been having fun developing our mark making skills through ‘Move and Mark’ and some of us are becoming good at using pens and crayons to make controlled marks on whiteboards and paper.

We have also been reading the story ‘Junk Yard’ and in Creative Development sessions we have made our own robots and craft gardens, just like the junk robots do in the story when they recycle things to make the yard a better space.

In our Physical Development sessions we have been practising throwing balls, quoits and beanbags to different targets and have also been on the bikes each week, developing our cycling skills. Some of us are becoming very proficient at cycling around a circuit. We have also enjoyed Jabadao sessions in the studio and ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ sessions to help motivate us at the start of the day.

To develop our Wellbeing skills, we have been learning how to relax and regulate our emotions through sensory breaks in which we have been able to choose to do things which make us feel relaxed and ready to continue our learning.

We have been learning how important it is to help tidy up when we have finished doing an activity and we enjoy doing this while we sing along to the ‘Clean Up’ song.

As part of our Understanding the World sessions, we have been exploring different herbs and spices. We have used our senses to explore what they smell, taste and feel like and have been able to say which ones we do or do not like by choosing whether or not to put them into our sensory box. We have also explored fresh herbs and planted them in the sensory gardens we made using the old tyres in our outside space.

We are looking forward to our half term break and our next topic ‘Sun, Sand and Sea’.

Love from The Canaries