What We Learnt Last Half Term

Control It!

This half term’s topic has been ‘Control It!’ and we have had another busy and exciting half term in the Canaries.

We have been reading the story ‘How to Kick Start a Dragon’ and we made our own dragons just like ‘Professor Og’ in the story. A small purple dragon came to visit us and we searched for her eggs in different materials, such as foam, sand and flour. We made our own dragon’s nests in Cookery using melted chocolate, golden syrup and cereal and to our surprise, our purple dragon laid a chocolate egg in every nest which we were able to take home and eat. They were very tasty.

In Music, we have begun to develop our listening skills through waiting our turn and listening to our friends play a solo and learning to start and stop playing when the conductor or the rhyme tells us to. It is good fun but we really have to concentrate well.

In PE, we have been practising controlling and moving a ball round different obstacles and circuits, like through a maze. It has been good fun and we have been proud to show off our achievements.

We have been exploring how air and the wind can make things move. We made, decorated and used handheld fans and we used an electric fan to see whether the wind it created would move things across the table or water. We tried to guess what we thought would happen and some of us were very good at saying whether it would move or not. We enjoyed looking at the patterns made by the air as it blew across the water and feeling the cool air on our skin.

We tried to blow through straws to see whether we could make enough air to move our cars, then we made sails and attached them to our cars to see whether it would make them move more easily. We all clapped when the sails helped the cars to move faster!

We tried to fly a kite but we found that it wouldn’t fly indoors because there was no wind, so we went outside in the wind and the kite started to fly. It made us all feel very happy. Then we had great fun making and flying our own kites and enjoyed the opportunity to be outdoors when the weather was dry.

We are looking forward to our next topic “Trees, Leaves and Bees” next half term, after our well-earned break!