What We Learnt Last Half Term

Earth, Wind and Fire

This half term’s topic has been ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’.

In our Early English sessions we have been reading the stories ‘The Three Little Pigs’, ‘Walter’s Windy Washing Line’ and ‘The Barn on Fire’.

We have explored the different materials used to build the pig’s houses and had fun helping the wolf to blow them down. We enjoyed finding and collecting Walter’s clothes which had a blown away and telling the story through our own actions.  We have been having fun developing our mark making skills in our ‘Move and Mark’ sessions. We have been using our hands and pointy fingers to make arches and circles in wet and dry materials. Some of us have transferred this skill using marker pens on the whiteboards.

We have learned number songs linked to our stories and have explored different shapes, searching for them around school and matching and sorting them into groups.

We have enjoyed Jabadao sessions in the studio and learning new action songs and dances through Physical Development sessions.

We have been exploring through Sensory Art and have explored what happened to the textures when you mix paints with shaving foam, cornflour and sand. We have mixed the colours of the rainbow with spaghetti and rice and explored the different textures and patterns which can be made with them.

In Art, we have made windsocks, Rangoli patterns and Diwali lamps. We have explored collage, paints, outdoor chalks and other sensory materials.

In Music, we have been playing the drums, practising playing on the beat and as an accompaniment to different songs. We have selected our favourite instruments and listened to each other playing them.

In Cookery, we have been practising the skill of spreading, making sandwiches and sharing our likes and dislikes. We have transferred the skill to decorating biscuits.

We are looking forward to our half term break and our next topic ‘Myths, Stories and Legends’

Love from The Canaries