What We Learnt Last Half Term

It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish

The Chaffinches have enjoyed exploring and learning through the topic ‘It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish.’ Summer has finally arrived and we have enjoyed lots of opportunities to learn outside as well as inside this half term.

When listening to the story ‘Is it a Sock?’ we explored pasta necklaces, sock puppets, bottle shakers, egg box caterpillars and paper cup hats. We copied actions using the different resources such as shaking the bottle or putting the necklace over our head. The end of the story was our favourite part where we developed our understanding of object permanence by finding our favourite toys hidden in the shoe box!

We looked at the big book ‘Mixing Colours with Yellow’ and enjoyed experimenting with mixing paints and making marks in yellow custard powder.

In Sensory Art sessions, we have been busy making things for our outdoor learning environment. We made noisy and visual shakers and decorated old CDs to hang from the railings. We used glitter and paint to decorate logs that will be used as sensory stepping stones.

In Special Play sessions, we engaged in water, sand and food exploration activities and some of us enjoyed using the foot spas. We developed our communication and exploratory skills in these sessions alongside our emotional wellbeing.

In Move and Mark, we listened to pre-writing vocabulary such as ‘up and down’ during parachute songs and then practised this movement when using cornflour, icing sugar and foam. We used whiteboards and marker pens to develop our grasp skills and understanding of cause and effect.

We loved visiting the woods and collecting natural resources which we then explored in further detail in our texture kitchen. We used the resources to make a sticky wall collage by placing the different natural items onto the sticky plastic to create a beautiful interactive picture.

We hope you have a lovely half term.

From The Chaffinches team