What We Learnt Last Half Term

Control It!

The Chaffinches have had a wonderful half term engaging in learning opportunities linked to the topic ‘Control It.’

When listening to the story ‘The Uninvited Guest’ we used our hands to perform actions and control the different resources. We knocked on the door knocker, made footstep sounds with the trainer and dropped the plate! All the children loved hearing the metal plate go ‘Crash’ on the table!

During Move and Mark sessions we have been using our cause and effect skills to make marks on the iPads and on the plasma screen. In our register session, we used the ChooseIt Maker programme on the iPad to find our photos. Upon pressing the correct photo, the children received a musical and visual reward.

The development of ‘play’ has been an area we have focused on this half term and the children have all engaged brilliantly in 1:1 play sessions in our fantastic playroom. In the classroom we enjoyed ‘special play’ sessions where we made choices about what to play with and explore. We used wet and dry sand, holistic treasure baskets, water and scented putty.

In Sensory Art sessions we learned to control tools such as rollers, paintbrushes and glue spreaders as independently as possible.

We have been developing our fine motor skills through lots of construction, posting, filling, emptying and stacking activities. The children have shown high levels of engagement and enjoyment in these sessions.

In PALS sessions, we used all of our senses to learn about a different colour each week through exploring food, paints, toys, balloons and other resources.

We have all enjoyed using and controlling the adapted bikes. Some children were able to pedal independently!

We look forward to all the exciting learning opportunities next half term through the topic ‘Trees, Leaves & Bees.’