Creative Curriculum

The creative curriculum at Kingfisher is based on a four year cycle of themes. Every half term, the children work under the umbrella of the whole school theme as a means to engage in learning across the range of curriculum subjects. A cross-curricula approach to planning and teaching enables children to make links and connections in their learning as they use similar approaches, vocabulary or skills in a variety of different subject areas.

Kingfisher encourages imaginative approaches to engaging children in their learning and often utilises various stimuli in order to “hook” children into their learning such as visiting artists, musicians, storytellers to enhance the children’s learning experiences on a regular basis.

Opportunities for children to extend their experience and develop their learning in a variety of ways is a key approach which ensures children engage in, and are motivated by, their school experience.

Kingfisher covers the Early Years and National Curriculum subjects but detailed Teaching and Learning structures ensure that teaching is relevant and accessible to the children, developing crucial life skills alongside curricular knowledge. Clear rationales underpin the curriculum with a focus on accessibility, breadth and relevance for each individual child.