Teaching at Kingfisher is creative and stimulating and matched to children’s learning needs.

Children should expect:-

  • Creativity of approach which makes learning fun, challenging and interesting
  • High quality teaching, which is regularly monitored, which takes them out of their comfort zone with appropriate support and challenge from the whole class team
  •  Staff to use ICT to effectively support and enable their access to the curriculum and enhance learning and communication
  • An atmosphere of trust where it is okay to make mistakes and where every opportunity is a learning opportunity
  • A variety of approaches which recognises and celebrates individual learning styles and needs and provides daily access to a range of specialised staff
  • To be proactive learners rather than passive participants, through practical tasks and planned opportunities for risk taking, independent learning and problem solving
  •  A flexible approach where all their physical and emotional needs are recognised and met in order for learning to take place
  • All staff to have a shared knowledge and consistent approach which is adaptable to children’s changing needs
  • WALT the owl is used throughout school to cue the children into “What Are we Learning Today?” and serves as a familiar prompt which can be both visual and auditory. He introduces the children to their learning objectives and takes part in evaluating their learning as the session progresses. He has become a key member of every class!