What We Learnt Last Half Term

Control It!

We have had a fantastic term learning through our topic theme ‘Control it!’

This term we focussed on the story ‘How to Kick Start a Dragon’, and have been learning about rhyming words that feature in the book.

For Maths this half term we have been using Bee Bots to explore positional language, by programing them to move forwards, backwards, left and right. This has also linked into our ICT lessons, to develop our skills further using lots of different electrical and battery operated devices. We’ve especially enjoyed using the Walkie Talkies to play ‘Hide and Seek’ which has helped to improve our communication skills in giving and receiving instructions.

During Art this half term we have explored different ways to explore controlling paint. This has included blowing bubble paint and using different and unusual objects to paint with, including ribbons, feathers, straws and cotton wool and comparing which was easier to control and paint simple shapes with. We also looked at junk modelling and created our own fire breathing dragons!

For Science, we based our investigations on Forces and have been exploring how we can move objects, through pushing and pulling and also how we can change an object, by stretching and squashing it. We were really lucky to have some animal visitors in school this term when ‘Animals Take Over’ came to visit. The Doves were extremely brave but very gentle and careful when holding the different animals.

During Cooking, we have been learning about sandwich making for our Spring term class project ‘Doveways’. We have been practising our skills in cutting and spreading to prepare and create our ‘Subway’ themed sandwiches. We have tried lots of different vegetables and fillings to make definite choices on food we like and don’t like. We have also learnt about good hygiene and why it’s important to wash our hands before touching food. Next term we will be visiting a ‘Subway’ shop to see how the professionals make sandwiches and hope to open our very own ‘Doveways’ in school! Watch this space!

For Music, we have been learning a song based on Chinese New Year called ‘Dragon, Dragon’. The Doves have really enjoyed learning the song and the actions and have begun to create their own versions of it as a class by changing the verbs such as running for jumping, by using symbols and actions.

We are looking forward to our next topic theme, ‘Trees, Leaves and Bees’!