What We Learnt Last Half Term


Wow! What a great half term the Ducks have had! We have had a busy half term full of learning and exploring in different ways.

Our Topic this half term has been ‘Waterworld’ which we took a creative approach to and explored bubbles – something that we all enjoy! We enjoyed exploring cause and effect with whistles, balloons and party blowers – independently making choices and watching how our blowing actions affected the objects. We blew water coloured paint on cling film, we blew bubbles in milkshake and used recycled objects to create circular marks to represent floating bubbles.

During our English sessions we have been reading ‘Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere’. We have loved using our senses to explore the story. We have explored different scented bubble baths in the water and also blew big and small bubbles.

We have been developing our understanding of ‘more’ and ‘again’ through different communication games using a range of motivating objects and the computer. We have started to exchange photographs in exchange for what we want!

We have started a new session on a Thursday afternoon called ‘Play My Way’ – we have been very excited about this! This session aims to develop the children’s play skills through the use of simple commentary of the children’s feelings, mirroring and Intensive Interaction. The Ducks have enjoyed choosing from a variety of toys each week and have already developed their engagement levels within these sessions.

The Ducks loved finishing the term by exploring pumpkins, slimy pasta and mixing witches potions in cauldrons! The Team hope that you have a lovely break and rest up ready for more learning and fun next half term!