What We Learnt Last Half Term

People, Places and Planets

During this half term we have enjoyed making new friends and meeting new adults. We have begun to recognise and learn each other’s names.

We have played in the Role Play area and pretended to be doctors by dressing up in doctor’s uniforms, masks and surgical hats, Pretending to take temperatures with thermometers and give medication to dolls, using bandages on ourselves and dolls and using a phone to ring the doctor. In Shared Play we explored the model spacemen and space vehicles in the ‘Moon dust’.

In sand play we have been to the ‘Beach’ and practiced filling and emptying buckets. We used dry and wet sand and explored which was better for making sandcastles, making sea creature shapes from moulds and making patterns using textured rollers. We also used sand wheels and sieves and investigated whether dry or wet sand was easier to sieve or pour to make the wheels move.

In water play we learned about people and washed different body parts on dolls.

In Cookery we decorated different shaped biscuits to make planets, aliens, flying saucers and rockets. We all became really good at mixing our own icing, choosing our own colours of food colouring to add to our icing as well as choosing and adding our own decorations.

In Sensory Exploration we explored dry and wet cornflour with our hands. We added food colouring to change the colour and made swirly planet patterns. We got in a bit of a mess but we all had great fun!

We had a great time playing with ‘slime’ and were fascinated by how it felt, stretched, moved and separated. It was really sticky and yet again we got into a bit of a mess but really enjoyed ourselves!

In Move and Mark we explored foam and enjoyed making different movements in it. We followed instructions to move ribbons in a variety ways, e.g. up/down, round.

In the Texture Kitchen we mixed soil and orange powder paint in bowls to make the colours of the planets.

We enjoyed the number rhyme ‘5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer’ and some of us did some really good counting, identifying and naming numbers. We loved the little green alien puppets and making the ‘whoosh’ sound and action as the aliens flew off. We explored different coloured dry paint flakes – green, blue and black and glued these onto a picture of the world.

We listened to the story ‘I Looked Through My Window’ and began to recognise and name the different animals and enjoyed trying to copy the sounds.

We made star and planet pictures with our fingers by painting onto our touchscreen. Some of us began to learn how to change the colours and the sizes of the stars and planets. We also made gold and silver starry pictures by sticking stars on to black paper and enjoyed shining a torch onto our pictures to make them twinkle.

We used the starry parachute for parachute games and moved it to ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ music whilst making silver card stars and pieces of silvery/shiny tinsel move on it. We then used torches and hand-held star wands to shine onto the parachute.

We really enjoyed using the big drums and learning to copy simple rhythms.

Everyone has settled really well into the Goldfinches and we look forward to participating in lots more fun and engaging activities throughout the year.

We hope you all have a good half term.