What We Learnt Last Half Term

Control It!

During this half term we have enjoyed lots of exciting learning opportunities linked to controlling our own movements, emotions, equipment and tools.

We have been learning to press a switch at a certain time to make something happen on the plasma screen. We have enjoyed listening to the countdown ‘3, 2, 1 Go’ before pressing a switch to make a rocket blast off. We have also been practising waiting until a switch appears on the screen before we press our switch to activate a picture on the screen e.g. a disco ball, windmill, cuckoo clock. We have also been learning to use switches to control other equipment and toys. We really enjoyed using remote controls by pressing different buttons to move a car around a track, a snake and a robot around the room, some of us were initially a little afraid of this robot.

In Shared play we played in the water and controlled equipment by pouring water from one container. We used our hands to pick up rice and fill and empty containers.

We have been using different equipment and tools with playdough and have been learning to control them to try to roll out with rolling pins, make shapes with cutters and follow instructions on playdough mats showing us how to control our fingers and hands to prod, roll, flatten and poke the playdough

In Cookery sessions we have been learning to control different equipment. We tried hard to pour milk from a carton and enjoyed pressing a switch to operate an electric whisk, to make different flavours of mousse. Some of us were not too keen on the sound of the whisk. We also tried hard to use a manual whisk to make mouse by whisking the powder and milk quickly. We have been making sandwiches and trying hard to control small knives to spread butter, jam and cream cheese and to cut our sandwiches in half. We were encouraged to make choices during Cookery using speech, signs, symbols or the real item.

In Art we enjoyed trying to use our hands to control spray bottles to spray different colours of paint to make pictures. We followed adult instructions and models to use sponges and paint to print a picture of a snowman.

In Move and Mark we have been learning to control different equipment to make a variety of marks. We have used marker pens to draw vertical, horizontal and circular lines on a white board. We have also been controlling pencils and pens along pathways to join buses and other objects and to try to copy or move along a variety of lines – straight, wavy etc. We also used the ‘Paint’ programme on the Plasma. We used our fingers to make marks and draw horizontal and vertical lines on the computer screen. We controlled which colour we wanted to use by selecting the colour by touching the paint palette on the programme

We enjoyed the number rhyme ‘5 Little Snowmen’ and listened carefully for our names for our turn to add a snowman. We enjoyed moulding 2 ‘snowballs’ using shaving foam to make a snowman. We recognised, matched and named numerals 1-5 and matched a snowman to each of the numerals.

We listened to the story ‘Down by the Station’ and enjoyed exploring the different vehicles, joining in action and copying the sounds of the vehicles. We learned to recognise and name the vehicles in the story.

We have also been learning to recognise our written names from those of our classmates and some of us can now also recognise our classmates written names. We have been trying hard to match letters to make our names using individual laminated letters.

In P.E. we continued to work on controlling equipment. We have been encouraged to follow adult instructions to move a parachute and a ‘scrunchie’  in different ways e.g. up/ down; in/out, side to side, wiggle it quickly and slowly etc. We have also practiced our control of balls and have been trying to follow instructions to ‘throw’ or ‘roll’ a ball to knock down skittles. We then counted them to see who knocked down the most.

In Music we practised using a variety of instruments and controlling them to make different sounds.

Jane has worked really hard to transform our Role Play area into different environments and we have loved participating in some lovely role play. We have particularly enjoyed the shop. We have explored the different food packages, collected items in our shopping baskets and trolley and particularly enjoyed discovering that the money was in fact chocolate coins – yummy!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the things we have been learning to do this term as much as we have enjoyed doing them.