What We Learnt Last Half Term

It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish

During this half term we have enjoyed exploring different sorts of rubbish and using some of it to make new items.

We enjoyed the number rhyme ’10 Little Ladybirds’ and made good progress with counting the ladybirds with our ‘pointy’ fingers and finding and naming the correct numeral for the number of ladybirds. We enjoyed copying the actions for some of the other creatures in the rhyme and trying to make the signs to name them. Some of us have been sorting plastic bottles and boxes into ‘big’ and ‘little’ and using the boxes to build.

We listened to the story ‘Mixing Colours With Yellow’ and have participated in different Art activities linked to this story. We have been learning to match real objects e.g. a banana and a lemon to the correct symbol. A smaller group of us have joined in the story ‘Is It a Sock?’ and some of us have begun to recall the order that some of the things come in the story and what some of the ‘rubbish’ items are turned in to e.g. a sock becomes a snake, a paper cup becomes a hat etc.

In Art and Craft we used splatter tools and paint to decorate ‘rubbish’ pieces of wallpaper to turn it into pretty paper to decorate ‘old’ video cases to make them into new photo frames. We participated in Art activities linked to the story ‘Mixing Colours With Yellow’. We mixed yellow powder paint with water and then used this to paint pictures of bananas. We also sorted compare bears according to colour and size.

We practiced our paper tearing skills using scrap pieces of tissue paper, newspaper etc. to make group pictures on sticky back plastic. We also tore up our painted wallpaper to decorate video cases.

We had a great time in the Texture Kitchen decorating old logs with paint and glitter. We are going to put these beautiful coloured logs in our outdoor learning area.

In Cookery we explored foods rather than cooked with them. We really enjoyed this, although at times it was rather messy! We had a great time exploring dry and wet cornflour and custard powder and adding different food colourings to change the colour. We explored dry and wet cocoa powder, guess what colour we all were when we had finished? The classroom smelled very nice after this session.

In P.E. we continued to follow adult instructions to move a parachute and a ‘scrunchie’ in different ways e.g. up/ down; in/out, side to side, wiggle it quickly and slowly etc. and began to suggest ways to move these ourselves. We enjoyed playing a game of skittles for our Sponsored event in support of Michael’s Marathon. We have also been learning how to play Boccia and used an old drainpipe as a chute to roll a ball down towards the ‘white’ jack. We played in 2 teams and used 2 different colours of Boccia balls – red and blue.

We continued to enjoy our ‘Move & Mark’ sessions and joined in with the movements using ribbon sticks. We then practiced our mark making skills using marker pens and whiteboards.

We really enjoyed our Vet’s Surgery in the Role Play area. We pretended to use stethoscopes, wore masks, put bandages on toy animals, pretended to take temperatures, check ears, used syringes etc.

In Sand Play we used ‘rubbish; items such as cardboard tubes, plastic containers and tubs, plastic bottles, metal lids etc. to fill and empty, pour, make patterns, moulds etc.

We made our own playdough. We also used rubbish items with our playdough and even made our own rolling pins with cardboard tubes and sticky back plastic.

We planted our beans which we had begun to grow in plastic cups last half term. We put them in plant pots in soil and watered them with watering cans.

We have all tried really hard with our personal care skills and have been regularly practising brushing our teeth.

The girls in the Goldfinches were very lucky and enjoyed some fun activities on ‘Girl’s Football Day’. Some of us used paint and made a hand print on a tee-shirt or a sponge print pattern on paper.

We have also been continuing with lots of other learning activities such as recognising our names etc.

As you can see we have had yet another very busy but enjoyable half term!