What We Learnt Last Half Term

Earth, Wind and Fire

We’ve had a wonderful and busy half term engaging in lots of fun activities related to the topic ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’.

This half term we have worked really hard on getting ready for learning activities using our class movement area and a wide variety of sensory resources. We enjoy these sessions and they help everyone to engage better during learning time.

When listening to the story ‘Barn on Fire’ we explored the different resources such as the fire engine, people and water. We especially enjoyed getting splashed by the water when the firemen were trying to put out the fire in the story.

In Sensory Art sessions, we have been exploring different colours and textures. We have enjoyed exploring the colours green, blue and red to symbolise Earth, Wind and Fire. We made marks in the different colours and made some fantastic pictures to display in our class. We have also been exploring the effects on paint on the light box. We enjoyed pushing the paint around inside the bags to make a variety of marks and patterns.

In our Sensory Music sessions we have been exploring the drums. We really enjoy taking turns to use the gathering drum at the start and finish of our sessions. We have used our hands and beaters to explore the different sounds that the drums make.

In Sensory Exploration, we used our hands to investigate and explore custard, coco powder, blue gloop and rice pudding. We enjoy exploring the different textures, both wet and dry. We have also made the most of the nice weather and have been using the texture kitchen. We have explored different textures and making marks in these on different surfaces.

In the Studio we developed our movement and exploratory skills through Developmental Movement Play.

We hope you have a lovely half term, and look forward to seeing everyone after the holiday

From The Goldfinches Team