Hatching Eggs For Easter! 🐣

It is that time of year again when Easter is approaching and Spring is on its way (Well, we thought it was until the Snow storm arrived!)

To celebrate we decided to have another chance at hatching chicks based on the success from last year and how much the children learned from the experience. On Monday 21st February we received 10 eggs in an incubator ready to hatch and grow over the next fortnight! We successfully hatched a gorgeous bunch of 8 fluffy chicks. The chicks were well looked after, they were fed, waterered, cleaned and cuddled by a number of children from across school and they were fabulous at their job!

Lots of classes came to visit the chicks running up to the snow days, and we all loved playing and learning all about the baby chicks! 🐥

Please enjoy some of the photos below, if you’d like to see more photos please click here!