Find Out What We Have Been Learning This Half Term! | It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish

Find Out What Your Child Has Been Learning on the Kingfisher Website!

This term our topic has been ‘It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish’. To hear all about your child’s fantastic learning opportunities at school this half term, please visit their class page on the Kingfisher website!

To view a class page please visit the Kingfisher website by clicking here.

Then visit:

  • Our School
  • Our Classes
  • Select your child’s Class Team
  • Select your child’s class page.

You can also access the class pages by following the drop-down menus at the top of the website.

Alternatively, each class has their own custom page link at for example, the Blue Jays’ class page link is (you can also find this link on the cover of your child’s Home School Book)

At the bottom of each class page you can then select the button ‘What We Learnt Last Half Term’.

Also, you may click the button below, then select your child’s class team!