What We Learnt Last Half Term

It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish

The Kestrels have had an exciting first half of the Summer Term. We have been extremely busy exploring the theme ‘It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish’.

This term, we have been focusing on the non-fiction big book ‘The Future – Bleak or Bright’. This book has been a brilliant motivation for our learning!

In Topic, we have been busy exploring recycling and the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. We created our own recycling bins, which allowed us to sort and recycle in class. We have had heaps of fun in topic this term.

In Cookery, we continued to explore different fruit and vegetables. We have been investigating how to make healthy pizzas from pitta bread. We planned our ingredients and explored many skills including grating, spreading & chopping. Our pizzas were a great success and they tasted delicious!

In Maths this term, we explored place value using the base ten dienes blocks. We used these to identify the position & value of a number. We also focused on grouping objects into sets of 2, 5 and 10; using this knowledge we recorded the sum in the form of a repeated addition & for a challenge in the form of a multiplication!

In our English sessions this term, we continued to explore grammar. Some of us have focused on word endings such as er, ing, est and ed. We used this knowledge and applied it when reading our reading books and/or through our writing. Throughout the term we continued to explore writing for different purposes, which included writing invitations for the Royal Wedding!

In Art, we have been busy exploring colour by producing large scale paintings of the members of the Royal Family & patriotic craft. We have had lots of fun learning all about the Royal Family & the upcoming wedding of Harry and Megan!

In PE this term, we continued to go on the bikes to practise our riding skills. We also explored team games and have become more confident at turn taking & taking risks. We are building up our confidence with team games.

This term, Dance Club has continued with Vikki. Every Thursday the Kestrels join the children from the Ospreys & together learn new dance routines in the drama studio.  This involves us following the dance movements and staying in time with the rhythm of the music. We really enjoy our weekly dance club!