What We Learnt Last Half Term

People, Places and Planets

The Kestrels have had an exciting half term and have been extremely busy exploring the theme ‘People, Places and Planets’

This half-term, our role play area has been transformed into the Kestrel Hospital! Each of us worked together to create labels and collect the resources needed such as bandages. Through role play, we have had the opportunity to explore different job roles in and around the hospital including a Receptionist and a Doctor. When we took on the role of a Receptionist, we had to sit at the reception desk with a clipboard and a set of questions ready to ask the patient. This allowed us to practise asking and answering questions appropriately. It was important to get all of the patient’s details and record it on the clipboard ready to share with the doctor. When we took on the role of the patient, we had to speak clearly and listen carefully to the questions being asked. Whilst waiting in the Waiting Room, we had to complete a two step pattern until the Doctor was ready. Taking on the role of the Doctor was great fun; we had the opportunity to read the patient details and to try and meet their needs with the resources available. Throughout all of this we had the opportunity to visit the hospital shop to buy items. This allowed us to practise adding 2 numbers together to find the total. Overall we have had lots of fun in the Kestrel Hospital and look forward to what next half term brings!

In our English sessions, we have been exploring ‘Aliens Love Underpants’. This story has allowed us to write character descriptions and explore adjectives. We have discussed space travel – what would it be like? What would you take? We spent time researching each planet and through drama experienced time on each planet. It was interesting using the internet to find out facts about the planets and compare these facts with our planet Earth.

In Art, we continued with the theme of planets and created our own planets out of papier mache. We really enjoyed this ongoing project. Once dry, we painted them & built on them – adding further materials if required.  We were able to compare the size of the planets and order them starting with the closest the sun.

Every Thursday the Kestrels join the children from the Ospreys in Dance Club and together we learn new dance routines in the Drama Studio.  This involves us following the dance movements and staying in time with the rhythm of the music. We really enjoy our weekly dance club!

In Maths, we have been focusing on adding single digit numbers and some of us have been progressing to adding 2 two digit numbers and finding the total. Through role play we have been practising adding and exploring the different methods such as putting the largest number into our heads first and then counting on. We are getting very good at partitioning the numbers and using our knowledge of this when adding.