What We Learnt Last Half Term

Control It!

The Kestrels have had an exciting first half of the Spring Term. We have been extremely busy exploring the theme ‘Control It’.

This term, we have been focusing on the big book ‘How to Kick-Start a Dragon’ by Roderick Hunt. This book has been a good stimulus for our imagination!

In Topic, we created dragon pictures and added speech bubbles. It was great fun deciding what to put in the speech bubbles and sharing our thoughts. We also chose our favourite part of the story and created a caption to go alongside it. We have had lots of fun in topic this term.

In Cookery, we focused on fruit and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. We then deigned a fruit dragon using a variety of exotic fruit. Following on from that we explored and handled the fruit and then used our design to make our fruit dragons. Finally we evaluated our designs and discussed what we would do differently next time.

In our English sessions, we have been exploring grammar. We have been focusing on writing captions, exploring writing lists and including adjectives within our sentences. We were really good using the classmates to research information all about dragons; we were able to use key information and apply this to our work.

In Art, we have been exploring blending techniques. We had fun building up our art work each week. We created a mystical background using Brusho and built on top of this with paint. Finally we added some collage materials & used materials to print with.

In PE this term, we have been going on the bikes to practise our riding skills. We have also been exploring ball games and are becoming more confident at passing the ball and receiving it. We are building up our confidence with team games.

This term, Dance Club has continued with Vikki. Every Thursday the Kestrels join the children from the Ospreys & together learn new dance routines in the drama studio.  This involves us following the dance movements and staying in time with the rhythm of the music. We really enjoy our weekly dance club!

In Maths, we utilised all the left over fruit from cookery & focused on halves and quarters. We had lots of fun whilst building on our cutting skills. Any fruit that remained we then used for exploring capacity. We filled our cups and explored the topic related vocabulary including nearly full and half full. We explored standard and non-standard units.