Live Music Now

Kingfisher has been chosen to host a Music Residency (Fellowship) in conjunction with Live Music Now.  This is national charity that recruits and supports the most talented early career performers to deliver concerts, workshops and projects in a range of community settings including special schools. The sessions the musician offers the children aims to provide enjoyable musical experiences, support their musical development and general wellbeing.

Kingfisher’s Musician in Residency is Dan White.

In 2016 Live Music Now launched a major new training initiative designed to equip musicians with the skills and experience to perform for and work with young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).  Over the first two years of the programme 64 musicians have taken part in 10 group training days, 82 observation sessions and have delivered 534 core sessions. They have worked with 1202 young people and 543 school staff from 34 different schools across the UK.

Level 3 – the “LMN SEND Fellowship Programme” – provides a unique opportunity for selected individual LMN musicians to embed themselves in a special school for a year to support and enrich the music provision, and develop themselves as confident SEND music leaders. From October 2018 – July 2019 Dan White will take over as musician in residence at Kingfisher Special School and will provide interactive music sessions for a variety of classes.

Dan is a saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist based in Manchester. He graduated from the RNCM in 2013 and has continued to complete a Master’s degree and a PhD at the University of Manchester alongside his work as a professional musician. He performs regularly as a member of the Borealis Saxophone Quartet, as well as with professional orchestras across the north of England, and enjoys working in musicals and live theatre. Dan has been working with Live Music Now for several years, and enjoys playing concerts in schools and care homes as well as making music in smaller groups and one-to-one sessions. He is passionate about the power of music to empower and to connect, as well as its ability to draw communities together.

So far at Kingfisher Live Music Now have made some amazing progress with the children. The children listen and respond to live music played by Dan, almost creating a musical conversation between the child and the musician. The responses from the children are so delicate and wonderful. In the video below you can see how the children look, listen, touch and vocalise as the music encompasses them.