Live Music Now

Kingfisher has been chosen to host a Music Residency (Fellowship) in conjunction with Live Music Now.  This is national charity that recruits and supports the most talented early career performers to deliver concerts, workshops and projects in a range of community settings including special schools. The sessions the musician offers the children aims to provide enjoyable musical experiences, support their musical development and general wellbeing.

Kingfisher’s Musician in Residency is Elinor Nicholson.

Elinor Nicholson is an award winning Scottish harpist who graduated from the Royal Northern College of Music gaining a Bachelor of Music with first class honours. She has most recently graduated from the Masters of Music degree, graduating with distinction, continuing her studies with renowned harpist Eira Lynn Jones at the RNCM.

Elinor regularly performs recitals with her saxophone and harp duo, the Polaris Duo, who recently were awarded second prize in the inaugural British Harp Chamber Music Competition. Elinor is also passionate about performing music in community settings and her flute and harp duo, the Meridiem Duo, tours around the country for Live Music Now.

The LMN Music Recidency Programme (Fellowship) is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation (Arts in Education Programme) and the Stoller Charitable Trust.

So far at Kingfisher Live Music Now have made some amazing progress with the children. The children listen and respond to live music played by Elinor, almost creating a musical conversation between the child and the musician. The responses from the children are so delicate and wonderful. In the video below you can see how the children look, listen, touch and vocalise as the music encompasses them.