What We Learnt Last Half Term

People, Places and Planets

What a great start to the year! We chose to explore the planets in our solar system this half term and what a treat it’s been! Our friend Spaceman Spencer started off by sending us a box of items from space for us to explore; we had moon sand, astronaut food, some rocks and lots of photographs of space. We had lots of questions about space and life as an astronaut and sent them to him in space; he replied by video link – it was so exciting. Each time he replied we had even more questions to ask him!

In English we have been labelling objects related to space and writing letters to Spaceman Spencer. We have practised our writing and mark making by drawing aliens, rockets, planets and spaceships; we have learned how to spell lots of words associated with space.

Music has been a great deal of fun, using our developing counting skills and recognition of colour we have been able to create and play our own tunes on a xylophone and then play them whilst our friends listened to us.

Each week we have been building up a scene of outer space using many of our art skills, such as marbling for the planets, foamy glue for the moon, wax resist for the background and cutting & sticking for our rockets!

During our Science lessons we have been experimenting with baking soda and vinegar and adding colour to create ‘bubbling planets!’ We have made rockets and tested how far they fly when we blow them with straws! We have also been learning about animals and how to group them as fish or birds and some of us could even group amphibians!

In class we have created a real snack shop; each of us gets a daily amount of coins to spend. We can choose what we would like, but we have to practise our coin recognition and counting skills. It is so much fun choosing and paying for our snacks along with choosing the correct items we need such as a spoon for yogurts or a knife to spread our jam or cheese on crackers!