What We Learnt Last Half Term

Control It!

Well, what is there that we haven’t been controlling?!

We have been reading about ‘How to Kick Start a Dragon’ in English. This is about a great inventor who makes a robot dragon to scare off robbers! We have re-written the story ourselves and changed the characters to ones we have made up. We have also been making robots using shapes and labelling them.

In Design & Technology sessions we have designed and made robots out of junk and painted them silver – they are super! Some of us made really big ones and some of us made really small ones!

Science has been all about FORCES and using magnets. We have been controlling and sorting magnetic and non-magnetic objects. This has also linked to our learning of Seasonal changes where we have been painting a collection of pictures using lots of colours and sensory smelling paints to depict them. We have also had the opportunity to meet lots of new animals and creatures when Animals Take Over came to visit  we were very brave and some of us held the animals too!

In our PE sessions we have been learning different ways to control a ball such as dribbling, kicking, throwing and rolling, this has been great fun to learn.

In our computing sessions we have been operating the Bee Bots again! We are getting so good at this we can give detailed instructions to it to make it move from one place to another.

Our story in R.E. has been all about the Good Samaritan and has helped us to think about how we can be kind and helpful to others. We have acted out the story in class and talked about how we would feel if someone was unkind to us.

Art has been lots of fun this half term as we have worked independently to produce our own unique pieces of artwork. We have chosen our own painting tools and materials to make some fantastic pictures and have helped each other to tidy and clean the Art room after our session. During Art we listened to different pieces of music to help inspire our designs which worked really well. We have lots of budding artists in the Ospreys class!

We are excited to see what next half term brings the Ospreys class.