What We Learnt Last Half Term

On The Move

The Parrots children settled back into class well after the Summer 1 holiday and after the Spring break.

In Early Maths lessons this half term, we have been looking at number sense, 1:1 correspondence and recognising numbers in child led activities, encouraging the children to choose what they would like to engage with.

During our Early English sessions, we have been listening to the story ‘Getting to Grandpa Bear’s.’ We have been acting some of the actions in the story as well as using the props that relate to the story.

Each child has completed mark-making and writing activities during their Move and Mark sessions and we have been working on the children’s fine motor skills e.g. holding mark making equipment as well as pens. We have also been using different mark-making equipment to encourage different ways of holding equipment to make marks.

For Movement Sessions this half term we have been accessing the bikes outdoors and table cricket, which we love! We also had a fantastic time doing lots of sports during sports week.

In addition, we have been developing our Play My Way sessions that involve child led play through exploring different sensory materials as well as objects.

The Parrots all hope you have a fantastic summer holiday! We look forward to seeing you all in September.