Pastoral Support Team

The Pastoral Support Team at Kingfisher consists of six key staff that together provide a range of support and guidance for families. The team are overseen by Sue Caine, Head of School. Examples of the types of things the team have supported families in include:

  • Personal budget information
  • Finding Nursery/child care provisions
  • Access to specialist organisations and support groups
  • Referrals for support from external agencies
  • Accessing health services
  • Drop ins – designed to support, sign post your concerns and to make friends
  • Parental workshops
  • Administration (form filling)
  • Enrichment activities
  • Support with attendance
  • Adult learning
  • Wellbeing

lynee rogers  Lynne Rogers – Family Support Liaison Officer

My name is Lynne Rogers and I am a Family Support Liaison Officer. My role is quite a varied one but ultimately I am here to support you as a family with any issues around your child.

As part of my role I also facilitate Personalised Planning Meetings.

Person Centred Planning is about recognising every pupil as an individual. By focusing on what matters to each child we can continue to celebrate their uniqueness and plan for their learning.

Did you know – I work full year and I am available to speak with during the school holidays. I will regularly update this page regards to any annual leave, within my scheduled work pattern. If you would like to come in and speak to me I am based in the Family and Community room (just inside of the main reception area), and am available throughout the school day; please feel free to pop in for a chat!

shamin  Shamin Akhtar – Family Support Liaison Officer

My name is Shamin Akhtar and I am a Family Support Liaison Officer. I work in school one and half days a week and I primarily work with Urdu and Punjabi speaking families. My role is to develop and support home school links and this may include interpreting at meetings, translating letters, helping families to make informed choices as well as encouraging families to become more involved in school life.

abdul  Abdul Shahid – Family Support Liaison Officer

My name is Abdul Shahid and I am a Family Support Liaison Officer. I work in school half a day a week and I primarily work with Bangla speaking families. I support families from transition into school through to transition into secondary school. My role includes interpreting for families at meetings, translating letters, helping to make appointments as well as liaising with other agencies such as Housing on behalf of the families.

Together we can support you in many ways, these may include:-

  • Listening to your concerns and offering help and advice for individuals and families
  • Supporting with signposting for parents/families to other services which are available in Oldham
  • Providing information and help accessing personal budgets
  • Helping with administration tasks i.e. form filling and support around this process
  • Helping to find child care/after school clubs
  • Signposting to accessible after school and weekend activities
  • Accessing specialist organisations and support groups
  • Accessing Health Services
  • Support with transition in to school
  • Arranging drop ins – designed to support you and for you to meet other families
  • Organising parent workshops
  • Or just offering a friendly ear!!

sally  Sally Thornley – Play Therapist

As part of the Pastoral Team, Sally’s role as Play Therapist is to help the children benefit from the teaching and learning that takes place in school. The Play Therapist’s referral system enables staff to identify individual children who may benefit from such an intervention. Support is also given to staff to develop strategies which may advance play skills within the classroom environment. When class staff have identified a child or group of children who may benefit from a Play Therapy intervention an action plan will be then be created in partnership with the Play Therapist. The action plan will identify the most appropriate intervention, intended outcomes and the impact it will have upon the child’s learning. Referrals may also be discussed with families as part of their child’s Personalised Planning Meeting. Written consent to work with your child is always required therefore your permission will be sought before any intervention commences.

cath Cath Croke – Moving and Care Leader

Cath Croke is the Moving and Care Leader and is part of the Pastoral Team. Anne Tomlinson supports this role and together they support the Moving and Handling of children across school to help staff to move them safely and as independently as possible.

Cath provides BMA Approved Paediatric Moving & Handling theory training for all staff, offering back care advice, advising on ergonomics and hands on practical training and advice for all Moving & Handling procedures.

We continue to work alongside colleagues from the Community Moving & Handling Team and Occupational Therapy services, in order to ensure the children and their families who need the support, get consistency through the Community Teams. This includes prescribed dynamic seating systems and slings so that the children can access their learning and be moved safely both in school and at home.

Cath has a dual role across school and is a trained Holistic Therapist providing bespoke therapy to children through a referral system. This helps the children in getting Ready for Learning. Staff across school are trained and supported by Cath in the safe and accurate approaches she uses. These are Yoga, Relaxation, Massage, MISP (Massage in Schools Programme), Aromatherapy, and Holistic Stories. Cath also leads across school on Animal Assisted Therapy and Companion Dog Scheme with her Norfolk Terrier Dog ‘Benji’.

charleneCharlene Biggs – Health Care Support Assistant

Charlene Biggs is Kingfisher’s Health Care Support Assistant. Charlene supports classes with the administering of medication and any health queries. She also liaises with other healthcare professionals.