What We Learnt Last Half Term

Earth, Wind and Fire

During this half term we enjoyed making new friends, meeting new adults and learning our classroom routines. We began to recognise and learn each other’s names and to communicate and play with each other. We enjoyed learning to make choices and request items at various times during the day e.g. snack time, during Art etc. and enjoyed playing our Communication Game.

Our Topic was ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’ and we participated in lots of different activities linked to fire and wind.

We enjoyed playing in our Home Corner and pretending to cook, feed dollies and each other, do the washing and cleaning etc. We also enjoyed our ‘Fire fighter’ themed Role Play area where we were able to play with different fire engines and other fire vehicles. We also enjoyed dressing up as fire fighters and pretending to use hoses, walkie talkies and fire fighter equipment.

In Sand play we have been digging with spades, using rakes, filling and emptying buckets to make sand castles.

We had lots of fun during Water play and enjoyed splashing, pouring, filling and emptying containers. We played with a variety of toys in the water e.g. ducks, boats, things which squirt water etc. We also enjoyed lots of bubbles in our water. Some of us were not too keen on playing in the water initially but with adult reassurance and support each week have now come to enjoy and participate happily in water play.

In Cookery we decorated biscuits by making icing and adding small pieces of red, yellow and orange sweet laces and brown cola strips to create a ‘fire’ decoration. We also enjoyed making marbled ‘fire’ cakes and decorating these with ‘fire’ coloured buttercream which we made and piped on ourselves with help.

In Sensory Exploration we explored red, yellow and orange cooked spaghetti, initially in plastic wallets and then with our hands. We picked up the spaghetti and put it in different colours of paint and then used it to paint a picture of a fire by dabbing the painted spaghetti on to paper – these pictures were very effective. We also explored dry and wet cornflour with our hands. We chose red, yellow or orange food colouring to change the colour and made different patterns in our own tray of cornflour with our fingers and hands. We got in a bit of a mess but had great fun!

We had a great time exploring red ‘Geli baff’ in a large tray and were fascinated by how it felt and moved.

In Art and Craft we explored different mediums and created pictures and models linked to the topic of ‘Fire’ or ‘Wind’. We tried really hard to press the trigger on water sprays to spray water on to powder paint and to spray different coloured paint, both onto black paper, to create group ‘fire’ pictures using the colours red, yellow and orange. We used paint brushes and paint to make other group fire pictures. We also used splatter tools and paint to create our own pictures of fire – we were a little splattered with paint as well as our paper but we had great fun using these tools. Some of us even ended up with highlighted hair! We also used the splatter tools with different shades of green paint to make leaves for our class tree and used printing stamps and brown paint to create the trunk of the tree. We used textured rollers to mark make to create our own individual leaves and to decorate paper bags to make kites, which we will use in the playground on a windy day.

We enjoyed our outdoor learning and playing with and learning to use all our outdoor equipment – scooters, bikes, seesaw, cosy cars, small climbing apparatus. We also went into the Moomalade playground and enjoyed exploring different equipment – swings, roundabout, climbing frame with adult support.

In Move and Mark we followed instructions to move ribbons, bells in a variety ways, e.g. up/down, round etc. We also moved our hands in different mediums e.g. foam. We used marker pens on white boards to make different marks. We used paint sticks to create a picture of a fire.

We practised our Fine Motor skills by participating in ‘Finger Gym’ rhymes and action songs. We tried hard to improve our fine motor control by practising skills such as using large plastic tweezers to pick up sugar lumps and pretend to make a cup of tea, place wooden creatures, plants etc. in holes or on top of each other and wooden tweezers to place pegs etc. with adult help. We used our hands to tear tissue paper and to use a glue stick. We used our fingers to pick up the pieces of tissue to put on the glue to make a picture of a fire and a ‘fire’ stacking cup. We played with playdough and Aroma dough and used different tools such as rolling pins, shape cutters and our hands to change the shape of the dough.

We joined in the number rhymes ‘5 Little Leaves’ and enjoyed making the sound of the wind and ’10 Tall Candles’ during which we all tried hard to ‘blow’ when pretending to blow out a battery candle. In addition to number rhyme we practised our counting and number recognition through other activities e.g. play, exploring different textured numerals, on the light table etc.

We listened to the story ‘Barn on Fire’ and enjoyed exploring the props and joining in the actions and sounds.

In P.E. we practised our throwing and catching skills using football sized balls and bean bags to throw to an adult, into a large pool into a net and to knock over small cones. We also joined in different action songs during Music and Movement to develop our gross Motor movements. We went to Soft Play and the MILE Room and enjoyed exploring the equipment in both these areas.

Our class staff are all so proud of us and the way we have settled so quickly into the Pelicans class and are looking forward to sharing lots more fun and engaging activities with us throughout the year.

We hope you all have a good half term holiday.