PenguinWelcome to the Penguins Class!


‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles’

We have shared many challenging and exciting learning experiences this half term as the Penguins have continued to grow and develop their independence and show their happy and fun loving characters.

During our Story sessions we have been using the book and the song ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ to create our own special sensory version of the song using lots of different materials and ingredients. We used these materials to make actions linked to our singing story such as pastry – ‘the people on the bus go squash and squeeze’, powder paint and flour to make tracks and marks – ‘the wheels on the bus go round and round’, spinach and kale – ‘the diggers and the trucks go dig, dig, dig’. Of course our favourite part of our sensory journey was the water as we made the people from the bus slide down the chute and into the water tray – ‘splash, splash, splash’. It was very exciting especially when the water and the bubbles splashed onto us.

We have been sharing our communication game and making a choice of objects from Penguin Pete’s treasure chest using our personal communication strategies; Penguin Pete’s most popular treasure was maltesers – yum yum!

It has been wonderful to see the children in the Penguins’ class becoming more independent over the half term. We have been working on making choices, taking off and hanging up our coat, brushing our teeth and also taking off and putting on our shoes. Many of the Penguins enjoyed exploring our sensory trail using their feet, as paddling in the water and the feel the shaving foam and sand between our toes was a strong motivation to take off those shoes and socks!

Languages Day and Sports Day have been great fun and provided us with lots of exciting learning opportunities. We experienced the Spanish culture during Languages Day; making paella, doing some Flamenco dancing and making a beach with ice cream and water play in the Texture Kitchen. On Sports Day all of the Penguins took part in the races and lots of fun was had by the children and the adults.

However, the best day of the half term was taking our Educational Visit  to Lytham St Annes. Despite it being a drizzly day we kicked off our shoes and socks and ran on the beach and splashed our feet in the water pools that had collected on the sand. We walked along the promenade and played in the adventure park before having a picnic lunch together. It was a wonderful day, and there were many sleepy Penguins on the coach on the way home.

A perfect end to a wonderful year – well done Penguins!

How You Can Help at Home

‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles’

The following activities are suggested as appropriate homework activities which you can enjoy with your child and reinforce the learning we are focusing on this half term –


  • Read the story book ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ – use different musical instruments or objects from around the home to create the sounds from the story
  • Take the story, objects and instruments into the garden with chairs and teddy bears or characters and recreate the story as the characters go on a bus journey
  • Watch and listen to the Wheels on the Bus or different rhymes using websites such as ‘Supper Simple Songs’
  • Take your child on a journey on the bus, tram or train – take photographs and then talk to your child about the journey – Where did you go? What did you see?
  • Make your own book using the images from your journey
  • Share non-fiction or characters books with trains, cars, planes


  • During this half term, the children will continue to develop their understanding of number using cars, trucks and trains – our vehicles will travel over, into and under different numbers – such as using number cards or play numbers in sensory materials such as shaving foam, sand, pasta as the trucks/cars drive in the materials to find the numbers
  • To explore shape – you can use shape cutters to make sandwiches, shape toast and/or cut shapes out of cakes, biscuits and different snacks

Being Creative

  • Use cars, trucks and trains to drive and travel through paint and onto paper to make different tracks and marks
  • Create a big canvas outside by riding bikes and scooters through paint and onto large pieces of paper or onto rolls of wallpaper to create roads

Looking After Myself

  • Focus on aspects of personal care such as brushing teeth and washing hands and support your child to develop their independence and skills

Sign of the Week

At Kingfisher we use Signalong as a part of a Total Communication Approach, we are constantly using core vocabulary with the children to support their language development and then through each of our topics we introduce new signs and language, which extends their vocabulary further. We also have two “Signs of the Week” which helps maintain and extend key knowledge and skills of everyday vocabulary.

Each half term we will be creating a short video showcasing and demonstrating our ‘Signs of the Week’ for the current term so that you can learn the signs and further this learning at home.

To view this signs of the week for this topic please watch the video below


If your child has a school dinner, the school menus can be accessed by clicking here. For children who bring a packed lunch, please remember to provide healthy and balanced options. We are a Healthy School and will be focussing on healthy eating and how children can make healthy lifestyle choices.

Click here to download our parent guide for this term: Penguins – Parent Guide – Trains, Planes and Automobiles