What We Learnt Last Half Term

It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish

Well the Robins have had another amazing half term of learning with our topic – ‘It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish’; and once again we have witnessed many WOW moments, and special achievements.

We have based our learning around the Wombles and their love of rubbish, and have engaged in many exciting experiences over the half term.

Sensory Story has seen Orinoco finding different types of rubbish each week, then making it into something special in our Art sessions. So over this half term, we have made: newspaper rabbit hats and painted on newspaper; boats out of boxes and a photo frame; tin can plant pots and drums; egg box caterpillars plus flowers; plastic bottle fish and musical shakers, then finally a butterfly out of a cardboard tube, and a Womble.

Marks have been made, unaided, with tops and lids, leaves and powder paint, mud coffee, fake grass, corrugated card and on clouds; During sensory exploration we have explored Weetabix mud, bran tub sawdust, green slime, mint sauce, surprise jelly and papier mache.

For sensory Cooking Viv has helped the children produce lots of tasty treats i.e. Rocky Road, bird’s nests, messy pizza, bubble and squeak, Eton Mess and trifle. The children have loved all their learning sessions, and explored, made choices, used utensils and had lots of fun.

In PE, we had our own Tin Can Alley, which the children loved, especially when the tins were struck and crashed noisily down. Everyone also enjoyed Music and Movement, and being helped to move in different ways.

Thankfully summer arrived, so lots of our learning has been outside. Each week we shared a different sensory challenge, and had to find and explore Orinoco in soil and newspaper; Bungo in sand and boxes; Madame Cholet in water with tins; Great Uncle Bulgaria in foam and egg cartons; Wellington in wood with plastic bottles, and finally Tobermory in grass and tubes. Lots of fun learning for all.

Thank you everyone for your hard work and dedication, here’s to a very happy holiday for one and all.