What We Learnt Last Half Term

Earth, Wind and Fire

We’ve had a wonderful first half term getting to know our new class and routines and all the children have settled in brilliantly. We’ve participated and engaged beautifully during many learning opportunities and activities related to the topic ‘Earth, Wind and Fire.’

When listening to the story ‘The Hot Air Balloon’ we used our hands to explore the different resources and developed our visual attention skills when looking at the mirror, bright balloon and basket.

In Sensory Art sessions, we have used our hands and feet to make marks in scented paint whilst making earth, fire and Halloween themed pictures. During sensory food exploration, we have been using all of our senses to touch, smell and taste (where appropriate) a variety of root vegetables and autumn fruits such as carrots, potatoes, swede, blackberries and pumpkin.

In the Studio we developed our visual awareness skills whilst exploring UV resources and media under the UV lights. We used our hand-eye coordination skills to look at the earth themed paints and reach towards them to explore and make marks.

During outdoor learning, we have been investigating a variety of wind activated resources such as fans, mobiles, and windmills. The Robins made sensory bottles for our outdoor learning environment which were made into a lovely sensory trail to enhance our learning opportunities when outside.

We all engaged well during Jabadao sessions, Music and Movement whilst in the MILE Room to develop our gross motor and physical development skills such as supported sitting, time on our tummies or reaching and grasping for our favourite toys.

We hope you have a lovely and restful half term.

From The Robins Team