What We Learnt Last Half Term

Control It!

Well another fantastic half term of learning and WOW moments for all our Robins.

This term our topic ‘Control It!’ has seen us focusing initially on an Elmer toy which we ‘controlled’ with a switch. Then exploring one of Elmer’s colours each week.

Week 1 – RED. We painted Elmo, planted poppies, felt different red berries and loved exploring red sauce.

Week 2 – BLUE. We met Iggle Piggle and painted him with our feet, and we learned about blue berries, foam, rice and water beads

Week 3 – YELLOW. In Yellow week we made marks on Laa Laa with lemon scented paint, squashed and investigated bananas, and if we were allowed, tasted tubby custard.

Week 4 – GREEN. This week we smelled green jelly, limes and kiwi fruit, rolled cars to make our marks on Gekko, and used both hands to enthusiastically explore green goop with our friends from the Chaffinches.

Week 5 – ORANGE. Tigger bounced in this week and helped us to make orange sensory bags, we rolled oranges to mark make, and looked at, felt, smelled and tasted tangerines.

Week 6 – PURPLE. Our final week this term and we met Barney to help us. We learned about different purple fruits, made our own picture of Barney for the wall, pressed switches to make Barney sing and dance, and felt purple slime on our trays.

Our sensory story took Elmer off on his travels and he met different friends along the way ie Elmo, Iggle Piggle, Laa Laa, Gekko (from ‘PJ Masks’), Tigger and finally Barney. The children were always really engaged, and fully involved in our story each week, and we shared lots of giggles as we explored the sensory props.

Cookery saw the children controlling a different piece of equipment each week i.e. microwave for scrambled egg, the toaster for jammy toast, an ice machine to make slushies, a waffle maker to cook tasty waffles, the chocolate fountain for a yummy chocolate treats and a popcorn machine to watch popcorn grow and pop. Great fun for learning lots of new skills, and one of the favourite sessions of the week.

In PALS we have teamed up with the Chaffinches, and enjoyed shared sessions with our friends. We have played together, explored different colours, shared a short SEAL assembly with our favourite song, and had lots of fun exploring in the Robins classroom.

Soon this half term will be finished. Gosh, half way through the school year already! The Robins have again all been wonderful! So much fun each day, amazing learning moments, and such good steps of progress.

Thank you to everyone – children, parents and the Team – for a very busy half term.

Happy hols to all the Robins and their families

See you all after half term!