What We Learnt Last Half Term

People, Places and Planets

The Skylarks have had a fun and busy half term learning through our topic ‘People, Places and Planets.’

We focussed our learning through the story ‘Whatever Next.’  The children have been answering questions about the story using ChooseIt Maker 3, matching symbols to the objects and exploring the resources. In the Art Room we made our own owls, bears, wellington boots and aliens using a selection of different materials and textures.  The children have been developing their choosing skills using signs, symbols and speech.  Move and Mark has been a favourite lesson with the Skylarks and the children have been exploring playdough, flour and have begun to make marks on whiteboards using a pen.  Some of the children are beginning to follow a writing pathway, with others copying directed marks.  We have developed our life skills during Cookery and have been making choices about what we would like to make, we have been spreading butter and slicing a selection of fruits.  During Music we have been developing our understanding of instructions including ‘stop’ and ‘go’ and have been playing instruments on request.  We have finished off the half term by thinking about Halloween; we have enjoyed the story Pumpkin Soup, explored and carved a pumpkin, made pumpkin themed biscuits and a pumpkin garland for our school Halloween Disco!

We hope you have a lovely half term holiday!

The Skylarks