What We Learnt Last Half Term


The Skylarks have had an amazing start to the new school year, learning through the topic “Waterworld”. We have explored and created water pictures using coloured ice cubes and ice pops. Our favourite way of exploring water has been using the foot spas, which created a mountain of foam bubbles throughout the classroom, which we all enjoyed playing with and rolling in.

We have also created our very own sea pictures over the half term, which has resulted in a wonderful classroom display of all our hard work.

We have enjoyed our weekly PALS sessions with the Puffins, using our classroom and the shared play area, to play and work alongside each other, with some lovely friendships developing.

As the term comes to an end, we have been exploring all things Halloween, using spooky pasta to explore and taste, exploring pumpkins, painting pumpkin pictures for the school disco and having a Halloween party on the last day with ghostly cakes.

Here’s to another great term with “Let There be Light”

Hope you all have a lovely half term holiday.