What We Learnt Last Half Term

Control It!

This half term in the Skylarks we have loved our stories; Messy Martin and The Pirate’s Hat.  The children have been exploring the different resources, making choices, developing their signing skills and comprehension.

Some of the children have been thinking about ‘what’ they can see, ‘who’ they can see and ‘why’ something might be happening.  In Early Maths work we have been filling and emptying containers, sorting and categorising objects and matching shapes into a shape sorter. Art has been fun; we have worked on developing our tearing, cutting and sticking skills.  We have been making choices and some of us have worked really hard to use scissors independently!

Some of the children have focussed their learning around the artist Paul Klee, taking lines for a walk using pens, charcoal and crayons. The Skylarks are amazing musicians and we are all able to make a choice from two instruments, play them independently with some of the children starting and stopping on request!  During Food Play and Cookery we have explored scrambled egg, Angel Delight and jelly.

The children have been deciding if they like the foods or not, with some children identifying which was their favourite.

We hope you have a lovely half term,

The Skylarks x