Spaceman Spencer!

5,4,3,1…BLAST OFF!

This half term the children in the Ospreys class have been learning all about space through our topic ‘People, Places and Planets’ with the help of our very special new friend…Spaceman Spencer!!

Spencer has been writing and sending video blogs to the Ospreys all the way from his rocket to answer their questions about space and teach them about his incredibe mission to explore all of the planets!

He has also been sending the Ospreys some brilliant gifts from his journey for them to explore and investigate back on Earth like sand and rocks straight from the moon and some really special astronaut food!

The Ospreys have also been playing parachute games and creating some amazing alien models as well as colouring in the planets and writing all about them to show Spaceman Spencer what they have learnt!

Thank you so much to Spaceman Spencer (Andrew Ball) and good luck on your next space mission from all of your friends at Kingfisher!!!