Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapist – Katy Latham 

The SaLT Service is based at Kingfisher School and is provided by Pennine Care Foundation Trust.  The aim of this service is to provide support to families and staff to enable them to meet the needs of children who have difficulties with speech, language, communication and/or swallowing.

The Speech and Language Therapy team provide person centred episodes of care which may include one or a combination of the following:

  • A comprehensive language and/or feeding assessment which enables a detailed report and advice
  • A specific programme developed by a speech and language therapist to be carried out by parents and school staff throughout the week
  • Indirect input by a speech and language therapy assistant for an agreed period of time
  • Specialised assessment to indentify the best form of Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) system for the children.
  • Specialised training for school staff and parents/carers to support the child’s communication and/or eating and drinking skills

Children access the service at the time that they or those around them need support. Families and staff are provided with the tools they need to ensure that communication/safe feeding is developed across all environments, all through the day, this is known as an episode of care. Once everyone is confident the episode is completed and the child is discharged until they or those around them require more support.

The service offers an open referral system that means that we accept referrals from parents/carers, school and health professionals although we require parental consent for any involvement. We are also happy to provide advice or answer any questions parents, carers or people who help your child may have. Families are at the heart of the service we provide and make the biggest impact in the communication skills of the children. There are regular training sessions run in school that are open to all family members and people around the children who attend Kingfisher.

“Training of others, including parents, should be viewed a central activity for Speech and Language Therapists to maximise impact for the child and their family.”
Gascoigne M. (2006)

If you would like and help or support please contact the Speech and Language Therapy Team on 0161 770 5954 or e-mail klatham@nhs.net