What We Learnt Last Half Term

Control It!

Wow! That half term went fast! We have been busy, busy, busy in our learning experiences and as usual the Swans have had another great half term and are continuing to work hard and make good progress. We really enjoyed the topic ‘Control it!’

The sensory story we have been reading is ‘Winnie’s New Computer’ and we have been exploring lots of different sensory props and creating lots of different pieces of art related to the book. This half term we have also read a story related to the creation (The Christian Creation Story) and an art story where the children have built up their own picture over the weeks (Lucy’s Picture).

We have explored lots of different food and have really enjoyed getting messy and exploring different dry and wet textures. The children have used all of their senses when exploring and really enjoyed the different foods for example jelly, angel delight, coffee, pizza dough and flap jacks just to name a few.

Our Sensory Art sessions have been lots of fun. We have explored lots of different coloured paints, smells and textures.

The Swans have been working hard developing their communication and physical skills this half term. This has involved weekly Jabadao sessions in the studio which we all love and yoga and massage sessions in the MILE room. The children have worked hard each week to develop their own individual communication target.

In Music we have been exploring different instruments and sounds through our school program ‘Can Do Music’.

We have had a great half term and have done some very good learning.

Have a lovely break!