Oldham Schools Alliance (OSA)


OSA-GraphicIn the autumn of 2013, the then ‘Association of Primary Heads’ put forward a proposed restructure in response to the changing national policy context in relation to school improvement, with a shifting landscape from centralised control to a self-improving school system. The Aims of the structure were to ensure that all Oldham Primary Schools contributed to and received appropriate support from a structured Alliance partnership by:

  • working collaboratively in order to build trust and co-operation for improved outcomes for all children in Oldham

  • contributing to the wider system through the sharing and development of professional practice
  • developing a structure that enables a collective voice from Primary Schools, through collaboratively participating in policy formulation and implementation
  • ensuring accountability across the system by every Head actively participating in the revised model
  • supporting Headteachers in their role of shaping the culture of learning, enquiry, dialogue, reflection and performance in Oldham Schools
  • addressing succession planning by contributing to the development of a distributed leadership model across the borough, by placing leadership development at the heart of Oldham Schools in developing and preparing leaders for the future