What We Learnt Last Half Term

People, Places and Planets

Wow what a busy and exciting half term! The Toucans have all been amazing this half term – not only have we made new friends but we have also welcomed new children to the school.

Through our topic of ‘People, Places and Planets’ we have focussed on ‘Monsters and Aliens’ and we have used puppets and songs to help us.

We have learned monster number songs which have helped us to count. We matched monsters, found monsters in sand, shredded paper, sorted monsters by colour and size and even went on a monster hunt around the school.

We have been very creative making monsters by splatting and blowing through straws as well as painting and collaging them. We have made monster biscuits and even set up an alien café and invited our friends from another class.

In PALS we have made new friends and have learned how to play together through circle songs and rhymes.

In PE we have been listening, looking and following instructions when playing simple games.

We love our play times and are playing with each other – taking turns and sharing the big swing and roundabout.

We are looking forward to next term!