What We Learnt Last Half Term

Control It!

The Toucans have had a lovely first half of the Spring Term. We welcomed a new Toucan to our class and we have helped her to settle in very well!

Through our topic of ‘Control It!’ we have been playing with lots of remote control equipment – cars, toys and the ‘Beebots’ that we have to program ourselves. We are very good at operating these by ourselves and can play with them for quite a long time independently. We have been using ChooseIt Maker to learn the names and signs of everyday pieces of equipment and also body parts.

We have been identifying our emotions and thinking about how other people might be feeling by looking at their faces. We have been using our communication books to control the adults in the room! We have been pointing at symbols to say ‘I want…’ and ‘more…’ We are all getting very good at asking for things and are using our voices too!

In PE we have been playing Boccia and Skittles – we have been controlling how hard we roll the ball to get to the target or knock the skittles down. In Music we have been learning some new songs and we are now able to control when we play and when we stop playing by listening carefully and looking at the adults.

On a Friday with Gill we have been reading “What time is it Mr Wolf”. We have baked and decorated Gingerbread Men using icing in piping bags… we had to really concentrate to control where the icing went.

In PALS we have been playing small group games with the skittles and large equipment, working together in teams. We showed the whole school in Friday assembly how clever we are at doing the ‘circle song’ with no adult help! We were brilliant!

We are really looking forward to our next topic ‘Trees, Leaves and Bees’!