What We Learnt Last Half Term

It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish

Well, what another fabulous half term the children in the Wrens class have had!

We have been very lucky by continuing to be visited each week by Elinor, from Live Music Now.  Elinor is a harp player and plays us beautiful music during our sessions with her – which have taken place both within our classroom, and the studio. During these sessions, the children have been developing a wide range of skills, such as anticipation, as the harp approaches them, to cause and effect as the music was played in response to a child requesting it by tapping on their tray, for example.  The children have all developed a good relationship with Elinor, so we are also seeing spontaneous child initiated communications with her increasing, with some children purposefully initiating intensive interactions with her.  Furthermore, some of the children are now purposefully reaching out to touch the strings as they are being played, or to hold the wooden frame, feeling the vibrations.

In our Computing lessons we have been continuing to develop our cause and effect skills, using a range of technology, such as EyeGaze, iPads, switch accessible toys and real life equipment, as well as using the plasma screen too.  Whilst using the iPads we have been working on a range of apps, including a painting app called ‘Finger Paint’, which enables the children to use one or more fingers to make marks on the screen, and when they do, they get an auditory reward as well as the visual mark, to further embed the cause and effect.  We have some seen some clear choices being made over what a child wants to work with, and lots of fantastic engagement whilst using computing equipment, with small steps in progress being achieved.

We hope that you have a fantastic half term break, and ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ to those families celebrating this special time at the moment.