What We Learnt Last Half Term

People, Places and Planets

The Wrens have had a brilliant first half term of the school year!  Everyone has settled in really well into their new, or familiar classroom, and some wonderful friendships have already begun to develop.

The children have been working hard on developing their early communication skills, such as by vocalising during Register to say that they are here, expressing preferences, and using the EyeGaze to develop their visual attention skills.  We have had lots of Intensive Interaction opportunities, where adults work alongside a child in a one to one situation, mirroring body movements, facial expressions and vocalisations.

The whole class have also made good steps in progress with their Physical Development skills.  We have been working on rolling, sitting, reaching out, and lifting up our heads when lying on our stomachs, and some children have been developing their walking skills.  This activity has taken place in both the MILE Room and within our classroom too.

Our food exploration sessions have been very well received by all of the children.  We have seen lots of WOW moments with children independently exploring foods such as Angel Delight and curry, mixing different ingredients together with their hands, and some children have even taken their fingers to their mouths to have a taste of what they had been exploring.

We have also used the MILE Room for our ‘Holistic Story’ where the environment is used to enhance the experience of listening to an African tale – using yellow, orange and red lights to create a sun and sunset atmosphere.  The children all developed their body awareness by being massaged by a supporting adult, in line with the story – for example, raindrops were represented by gentle finger taps on the child’s shoulders and back.

The Wrens have had a wonderful half term – they have all worked so very hard and the class team hope that you all have a restful and enjoyable half term break.