What We Learnt Last Half Term

Control It!

The Wren’s have had a brilliant half term, participating in lots of exciting activities linked to our topic, ‘Control It!’

We have been using our hands and eyes to control a range of technology.  In our Computing sessions, we have been developing our skills in understanding cause and effect using a switch by activating a mooing cow, a remote controlled car and a light projector inside a tent.  We have also been using the iPads to develop a range of skills, including cause and effect and hand-eye coordination.  In addition to this, we have been regularly using the EyeGaze (where we use just our eyes to control what is happening on the screen!) to develop our visual skills alongside our cause and effect understanding.

Our Move and Mark sessions this half term have continued to see us developing our gross and fine motor skills, such as by waving a bright scarf, or squeezing a pretend snow ball. We have also been developing our mark making skills on the iPads, using a painting app which makes sound effects, or plays music as marks are being made on the screen.  We have seen lots of fabulous responses during these sessions, with some beautiful pictures being made independently.

We have used the Studio this half term for sensory exploration activities, focussing on UV light.  Turning off all of the lights, and just having the UV lights on, everything white and fluorescent glows brightly!  Using the large white parachute to cue the children into the session, we played some anticipation games. We then explored fluorescent sand in our trays!  The effect was amazing! All of the children responded so well by using their vision to look down towards their trays, and then independently using their hands to explore the different colours of sand and mixing them together.

We hope that you all have a restful half term.  Spring will soon be in the air!