Kingfisher Action Team (KAT)

The KAT is a group of children who act as advocates for their peers.  They meet to discuss any issues brought to them and also lead on whole school projects such as Jeans for Genes day.

What do the KAT do?

  • Represent the views and needs of all pupils across the school. So, for example, a class in Yellow team might need some help finding suitable activities for lunchtimes. Through a referral system – the ‘can you help us?’ form is completed by pupils, or through staff, and this is then brought to the KAT for discussion.
  • Through PSHE sessions in class, the KAT discuss any issues raised by or for pupils and plan how they will work together to address this issue (via KAT referral form).
  • The KAT hot-board situated at the entrance to Blue Hub, is used to share information and ideas about current KAT projects.