Areas of School

At Kingfisher, the physical environment is of a high quality and supports our values and vision in providing the best we can and nothing less than the children deserve.

Children should expect:-

  • An environment which reflects a Total Communication Approach where the basic right to communicate is paramount and achieved through a wide range of approaches and resources for example, signing, symbols, photographs, objects of reference, visual timetables, communication books and boards
  • The environment to reflect the school’s shared and agreed values
  • A safe, welcoming, well organised environment where they feel secure, included and valued and their access to learning needs are reflected in their class environment and within shared areas around school
  • ICT to effectively support and enable their access within their environment and enhance learning and communication
  • Disruptions to their learning to be well managed and minimised wherever possible
  • Distinct areas within classrooms and within school where learning, care and health needs are met most effectively
  • Flexible organisation which adapts to meet changing needs, allowing for “own space”, avoiding triggers to anxiety, minimal distraction and planned change
  • Safe, stimulating and accessible outdoor areas
  • Personal Care facilities to be age and need appropriate