Areas of School

At Kingfisher, the physical environment is of a high quality and supports our values and vision in providing the best we can and nothing less than the children deserve.
Children should expect:-

  • An environment which reflects a Total Communication Approach where the basic right to communicate is paramount and achieved through a wide range of approaches and resources for example, signing, symbols, photographs, objects of reference, visual timetables, communication books and boards
  • The environment to reflect the school’s shared and agreed values
  • A safe, welcoming, well organised environment where they feel secure, included and valued and their access to learning needs are reflected in their class environment and within shared areas around school
  • ICT to effectively support and enable their access within their environment and enhance learning and communication
  • Disruptions to their learning to be well managed and minimised wherever possible
  • Distinct areas within classrooms and within school where learning, care and health needs are met most effectively
  • Flexible organisation which adapts to meet changing needs, allowing for “own space”, avoiding triggers to anxiety, minimal distraction and planned change
  • Safe, stimulating and accessible outdoor areas
  • Personal Care facilities to be age and need appropriate
The Studio
The studio is a multi-purpose learning environment. Using audio/visual technology the studio transforms in colour and sound to create a unique sensory experience to enhance teaching and learning. The studio’s soft cushioning floor is a safe space to explore the five areas of movement.
The Library
The library at Kingfisher has been organised to enable children to develop their language and communication skills. Class story sessions are supported by high quality sensory resources to engage children in story telling and enhance their learning experience. Books are stored and labelled with symbols to enable children to find books they are interested in and develop key classification skills where appropriate.
Soft Play
Our Soft Play space is used by many of the children for a number of different purposes. The space can be used for Getting Ready for Learning activities where children can channel their energies into free play, gross motor activity. Children also use the space to help develop their communication, through Intensive Interaction. Children also develop their physical skills through crawling, climbing, and sliding in a safe environment.
The Texture Kitchen
Through exploring in the Texture Kitchens valuable learning takes place including problem solving and cooperative play. Being outdoors in nature helps children relax and builds stronger immune systems.
The MILE room (Multi-sensory Interactive Learning Environment) is a space developed to enhance sensory experiences through light, colour, sound, smell and touch. The space provides opportunities for the children to explore cause and effect and visual stimulation in a relaxed atmosphere.
Web Playground
The Web Playground takes it name from our link with the local business Web Applications UK. The Web Playground also contains a ‘Nature Balustrade' which is a viewing platform for children to explore light, colour, pattens and the imagery of nature.
The Splash
'The Splash' is a purpose built hydrotherapy pool. Children across school access it for water safety sessions or for hydrotherapy sessions with physio. It opened in 2021 after a high profile fund raising effort.

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