What We Learnt Last Half Term

It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish

We’ve had a fantastic half term engaging in lots of fun activities related to the topic ‘It’s a load of old rubbish’.

During this half term we have been learning about rubbish, where we need to put it and how it can be recycled. We have enjoyed exploring lots of different objects and using them in different ways. We have tried hard to sort objects to help recycle them effectively by sorting into paper, plastic and rubbish

We have also worked hard to make models with a variety of junk items. Our favourite was using boxes to build a tower and then knock it down again.

In Attention Autism ‘Bucket time’ we have been continuing to building up our attention through a variety of different activities. We have enjoyed splatting currant buns, jumping on sandcastles, building towers and colouring ice cream. These sessions continue to support the children to attend and concentrate during their other learning activities.

In Early English we have used the story ‘Pete the Cat’ alongside sensory resources to enhance our learning this half term. We have enjoyed exploring different objects from the story.

In Early Maths we have been using lots of different resources to build, sort, manipulate and play. We have especially enjoyed using the bunchems and tweezers to develop our fine motor skills and the coloured shapes on the light box to build towers. We have also been sorting different objects by colour.

We have continued to develop our mark making skills through move and mark sessions, making marks with our fingers, hands and tools in different substances. We have continued to practise a variety of movements using our lycra and ribbons. We have especially enjoyed marking marks on the Interactive White Board.

We hope you have a lovely half term holiday, and we look forward to seeing everyone after the Easter holiday when our topic will be ‘Sun, Sea and Sand’001201.

From The Blue Jays Team