What We Learnt Last Half Term

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

The Blue Jays have had a wonderful time this half term whilst learning through our topic of ‘Train, Planes and Automobiles!’

In Early English, we listened and engaged brilliantly to an adult reading/acting out the story of ‘The Magic Train Ride.’ Each week we visited a different fascinating land on our imaginary train including; The Jungle, Underwater, The Land of Cakes, Fairyland, The Magic Wood and Outer space! We took turns during interactive games linking to each land and explored the sensory resources. We looked at pictures and symbols of different modes of transport and developed our early reading skills by matching the photos to their corresponding symbol.

In Move and Mark, we used toy vehicles to make marks in different media such as foam, paint and even jelly! We used paint brushes and felt tip pens to make marks on various transport pictures.

In Food Discovery, we explored various sandwich fillings such as cheese, jam, cucumber, honey and banana. The children developed their skills in chopping and spreading with as much independence as possible.

During ‘Bucket Time,’ we enjoyed rolling cars down tubes, singing and joining in with nursery rhymes, building towers and making a velcro face. We all loved singing and joining in with the actions of ‘The Wheels on the Bus,’ whilst taking turns to stand inside the huge cardboard bus!

Languages Day was brilliant and all the children loved exploring the different Spanish food and listening to Flamenco music. We made Spanish fans and played with the Dora the Explorer puppets where we even put on a little show!

We hope you all have a lovely summer holiday.