What We Learnt Last Half Term

In All Kinds of Weather

The Chaffinches have had a lovely half term exploring our topic ‘In All Kinds of Weather’. We have enjoyed going to the library to listen to the story ‘When the Wind Blew’ and exploring the props. We have looked at what we wear in different weather and have enjoyed being outside to experience cold and wet weather.

In our Move and Mark sessions we have been adding cold or warm water to the cornflour when exploring and making marks in it and we have started to make up and down movements with the ribbons.

In our Can Do Music session we continue to take turns to choose different instruments, choosing from photographs or from the instruments. We have also been exploring the large music frames and a variety of instruments such as the drums, guitars and xylophone in our Friday music session, exploring the different sounds they make.

In PE we have been riding the bikes in the hall, learning to use the pedals to ride the bikes independently and safely in the space. Some of us have also done some Rebound Therapy on the large trampoline.

We have started to learn about brushing our teeth by using the tooth brush character and large teeth to practice on then having a go at brushing our own teeth.

In our Fun With Food sessions we have been exploring cold ice-cream and warm mash potatoes, using spoons to explore, scoop and taste.

Wishing everyone a restful half term.