What We Learnt Last Half Term

Sun, Sand and Sea

What an end to the year we have had here in the Chaffinches! It has been non-stop from week one! This topic has lent itself to so many learning opportunities……

Through our sensory story ‘There’s a hole at the bottom of the sea’ we went on a journey to the bottom of the ocean. As the story played on our class plasma screen computer we felt the waves lap over our hands as we dove into the sea to meet lots of new and exciting creatures. As we reached the bottom of the sea we saw a shark, a crab, an eel, a whale and an octopus.

In our sensory exploration sessions we were able to go on a visit to the seaside. As the lights were dimmed in class the disco ball projected blue lights across our class room while an image of a tropical beach and calming music played through the class computer. With the different tuff trays placed around the class room we were able to explore sand with buckets and spades as well as discover different shells, crabs and star fish. In the water trays we explored different water mills and water cans and even found different types of fish and shellfish.

For our Sensory Food Play sessions we explored a range of foods people commonly eat during the summer time. One week we tasted and explored different exotic fruits from mango and pineapple to passion fruit and kiwi fruit. Another week we explore lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and celery. But, our favourite had to be exploring ice cream, ice pops and cones and flakes! Yum! Perfect for the warm spell we had!

This term we were lucky enough to have not one but two special celebration days here in school! The first was the ‘Jubilee Day’ to celebrate the 70 year reign of our Queen. We spent the day tasting cucumber sandwiches and Victoria sponge and making our own Union Jack flags with red, white and blue paint. We explored red and blue sand, water and rice with a range of different scents while we listened to classical music. Then, a bit later on in the half term we went on a visit to ‘China’! We went into the studio where we were immersed in the Chinese culture through a range gold and red materials, Chinese dragons and lanterns. We enjoyed tasting Chinese foods from noodles, bok choi, prawn crackers and rice before using big tuff trays to explore red and gold sand, rice and spices while listening to calming Chinese music.

Towards the end of the half term we had a whole week dedicated to physical activities through ‘Sports Week’. Each day we filled our schedule with a physical challenge, not just with our own class but we also met with other classes! One day we played Boccia against the Canaries, the next day we played a game of ‘hungry hippos’ with the Skylarks and then another day we had a water splash session with the Goldfinches class. Our favourite day had to be our very own ‘Sports Day’! Finally we were able to welcome our families and carers into school to see us compete against other classes in a range of races and games. We had so many challenges from the bean bag relay race to the egg and spoon race! Nothing can beat that cheer from the crowd as we crossed the finish line with our teachers!

As the term drew to a close we waved one of our Chaffinches off to Newbridge as they start the next part in their learning journey. Although it is sad for us to see them go we know they are ready for the new adventures and experience ahead.

From us all here in the Chaffinches class we hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday full of sunny days and special memories. See you all in September!