Language and Community Days

Learning about Languages

All children at Kingfisher will have access to Languages at an appropriate level through termly Language and Community Days as we agree that all children will benefit from opportunities to develop their intercultural understanding. Each term staff plan appropriate activities for their class.  External visitors will provide additional stimulus to the project brief provided each term.

There is a two year continent cycle, Europe or Africa/Asia which then links into the half termly themes.  Each term will then have a focus country, for example, Germany, France, Spain.

Classes may choose to deliver a range of activities throughout the week or plan a concentrated Languages and Community Day.

Children can explore the smells, tastes and textures of different foods, experience different artefacts, costumes, music and dance to support their experience and understanding of different languages and cultures.

Children can make simple comparisons between their own country and culture and others.  For some children, specific Language teaching may be appropriate and staff can deliver this themselves or ask for support from the Languages Leader.

Registration time is a great opportunity to use greetings and for children to respond to simple questions about how they are.

Links to famous people, artists and musicians within the different cultures are also a great way to explore ideas and share experiences.