We provide a wide range of meals to meet the nutritional needs of all pupils and liaise closely with the School’s Catering Provider to ensure that children’s particular needs are met. Menus are varied, nutritionally balanced and are carefully monitored and graded using a “traffic light” system to demonstrate different texture options for children who have difficulties with certain consistencies. Cultural requirements are also considered with all meat being halal and vegetarian options always available.

The menus have been devised in collaboration with the school and the School Meals Provider to meet the very complex and individual needs of the population and are constantly under review.  There are currently two different menus in use, one which meets the particular requirements of our population with complex Autism (Red Team Menu) and the second for children with wider ranging food preferences (Yellow Team Menu).

As all meals are cooked on site, if a child has any specific requirements, the school kitchen are happy to accommodate individual needs. The school’s inclusive practice ensures all children, whether they are gastrostomy fed or otherwise, receive varied, safe and sociable meal times.

We recognise that for a variety of reasons, some children may prefer to bring a packed lunch. This may be because they have a restricted diet due to their sensory needs relating to their autism or other individual need. We advocate that parents provide a healthy packed lunch for their children but accept that this can be difficult at times when sensory needs impact on the range of foods, textures and colours that children will tolerate. To support and develop tolerances in this area, we also provide opportunities for children who find taste and touch difficult, ‘Fun with Food’ sessions within the Creative Curriculum.

During dinnertime breaks, children can access a range of areas, and have opportunity for free play in our many bespoke areas.

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