What We Learnt Last Half Term

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This half term has been extremely special as we have been able to see some of our classmates again who have been learning from home since January! The children in the Flamingos class are all so happy to be back at school and to be reunited with their friends.

During ‘Learning Time’, we have enjoyed reading the story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt!’ The children have loved engaging with the different props and making their way through a sensory journey using their feet! We particularly enjoyed hiding under the covers from the bear and popping our heads out to see if we could see one!

The children have enjoyed weekly water and sand play sessions which has allowed them to develop their fine motor skills as well as their ability to empty and fill containers to make potions and sandcastles!

The children particularly enjoyed engaging with Languages Day this half term – we visited France! The children loved listening to French nursery rhymes, watching virtual harp performances and also tasting different French foods! 

The improvement in the weather has meant that we have been able to spend much more time outdoors – engaging with Awe and Wonder sessions which encourage the children to explore the natural world around them. The children have developed their throwing, catching and rolling skills and also their understanding of ‘ready, steady, go!’

We want to thank everybody for their continued support throughout the term. We are so happy as a class team to have all of the children back in school. We hope that the sun continues to shine for us next half term. Have a lovely Easter break!