Getting Ready For Learning

Getting Ready for Learning

Children’s learning needs and priorities may change at different times whilst at Kingfisher and the curriculum is flexible enough to take these into account and be adaptable to address each child’s particular situation at any given time.  The curriculum is supported and underpinned by a personalised approach which considers every child’s holistic needs, detailed within their Personalised Learning Plan (PLP); this considers the implications of their communication, sensory, physical and health needs alongside their particular learning needs.

Every child’s One Page Profile, Anxiety Response Plan, Communication, Sensory and Physical and Wellbeing priorities are taken into account and planned for to ensure they are ready to learn.

When staff are aware that a child needs additional support to access learning, school draws on a range of advice and strategies and approaches to plan specific interventions to ensure engagement in learning opportunities. These are reviewed as part of each child’s PLP to ensure impact and adjustments as necessary. As such, the school has invested in developing staff skills and has created specific posts to ensure advice is interlinked with each child’s priorities, so that clear interventions are planned and implemented to take on multi-agency advice:

  • A Communication Assistant works closely with SaLT and interprets advice alongside class staff to maximise the impact of guidance
  • The Moving and Care Leader liaises with Occupational Therapy to ensure all children have appropriate equipment to help them access learning
  • A Play Therapist in school has been trained, whose recommendations now support the setting up of Anxiety Responses to help staff recognise, understand and develop strategies to support children when displaying low level anxieties/distress to avoid escalation
  • Two Family School Liaison Officers (FSLO) ensure partnership working between home and school, and the impact of their work can be evidenced through parental engagement in their child’s education and school has 100% response record to the parental questionnaire which enables school to review provision and respond to feedback given
  • The Director of Specialist Support liaises with Occupational Therapy regarding the sensory needs of the children, developing and implementing a sensory diet.
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need plays an underpinning role in getting children ready for learning with consideration of:

1. Physical needs

2. Safety needs

3. Love, friendship and belonging

4. Self-esteem

5. Self-fulfilment & actualisation

If a child is hungry, upset, uncomfortable or in pain then learning will be compromised. We use many different approaches, which are planned and personalised to the child’s needs at the time. We develop strategies in meeting the child’s needs ensuring that our knowledge of each individual is reflected upon and their presentation on a daily bases is taken into account. For example if a child arrives in school in discomfort, we will use their physiotherapy guidelines in helping to re-position them and ensure that they are comfortable and ready for learning.