What We Learnt Last Half Term

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

We’ve had a fantastic half term engaging in lots of fun activities related to the topic ‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles’.

This half term we have been using our getting ready for learning activities, and as a result can settle quickly into our learning activities. We use our class movement area and a wide variety of sensory resources throughout the day to ensure we are ready to learn. We have also been continuing to develop our ‘Attention Autism’ activities which are helping us to attend and concentrate more on our activities.

We have used the story ‘We all go Travelling By’ alongside sensory resources to enhance our learning this half term. We have enjoyed exploring different objects from the story. We have taken part in lots of sensory exploration and art work linked to our story. We explored boats on water, rolling cars through paint and making tracks in play dough.

We have been continuing to develop our mark making skills through Move and Mark sessions, making marks with our fingers, hands and tools in different substances. We have been practising vertical and horizontal movements using our lycra and ribbons. We have also been making marks in wet and dry flour.

With the lovely weather this half term we have been able to enjoy water play in our outdoor area. We have been exploring filling and pouring using buckets and watering cans, and watching the water wheels spin as you add water in the top.

We have continued to visit Soft Play over the last couple of weeks and exploring different ways in which we can move our bodies. We have explored different movements in the ball pit and had great fun sliding down the swirly slide.

We have also enjoyed swimming in the new school pool this half term. We have explored different ways of moving in the water and even tried floating on our backs with support.

We hope you have a lovely summer holiday, and wish all the children all the best as they continue their learning journey next year at Kingfisher.

From The Goldfinches Team