What We Learnt Last Half Term

In All Kinds of Weather

We’ve had a very busy half term engaging in lots of fun activities related to the topic ‘In All Kinds of Weather’.

This half term we have been continuing to develop our getting ready for learning activities, and are able to settle quickly into our learning activities as a result. We use our class movement area and a wide variety of sensory resources throughout the day to ensure we are ready to learn.

We have used the bag book ‘Dream Snow’ this half term. We have enjoyed exploring the props from the story. Our favourite props are the animals who the farmer named 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The children especially enjoyed the part where they get covered with the white fluffy blanket to represent them getting covered in snow.

In Sensory Art sessions, we have explored different mixing different colours of paint, and have begun to use different tools to explore the paint including brushes, rollers and splatters. We have also explored painting with ice.

In our Music sessions we have been developing our drumming skills, and are beginning to use drum sticks to play the drums. We have also been exploring other instruments including the rain stick, ocean drum and tambourine.

In Sensory Exploration, we have been continuing to explore different substances including rice, gelli-baff, foam soap, sand and many more. We have explored them using our hands, but also using the different tools including scoops and bowls. The children have also really enjoyed exploring coloured ice cubes on the light box.

In the Studio we have been developing our movement and exploratory skills through Developmental Movement Play. We have also been working on our sensory diets within class to develop calming strategies to help the children be ready and alert for learning time.

We have continued to work hard during Play My Way. During these sessions we have explored a variety of toys and sensory activities. The children are continuing to develop preferences for specific toys and are beginning to independently interact with both adults and children.

This half term we have been really lucky to have Blue the dog visit the children. The children have had the opportunity to interact with Blue on their level, and develop their confidence around dogs.

We have been continuing our Rebound Therapy sessions, and the children are developing their skills and confidence to explore a wide range of movements on the trampoline.

We hope you have a lovely half term holiday, and look forward to seeing everyone back at school for our next topic ‘The World in my Town’ where we will be learning all about our town through a variety of activities.

From The Goldfinches Team