Hearing Impairment Team

Children who have a diagnosed hearing loss and attend Kingfisher School will receive support from a Teacher of The Deaf who has a mandatory qualification in deaf education. The Teacher of The Deaf who supports Kingfisher is employed by Oldham Council’s Peripatetic Service

The Teacher of The Deaf who visits Kingfisher will work within the multi disciplinary team to provide:

  • A thorough assessment of the pupil’s needs and strengths
  • A plan setting out how the school will meet those needs and overcome any barriers to the pupil making good progress
  • Effective implementation of the plan
  • Regular reviews of the pupil’s progress and success of the plan to establish whether changes need to be made and what they are

The Teacher of the Deaf will provide support and guidance to staff with regard to the impact of childhood  deafness on the development of the following:

  • listening skills
  • attention and concentration
  • language development
  • literacy skills
  • working memory
  • auditory memory
  • processing time
  • incidental learning
  • social skills
  • self esteem
  • learning style

The Teacher of the Deaf will plan with the class teacher and team to provide targets related to the development of language, communication, literacy, confidence and social skills and the support interventions required to achieve the targets.

The Teacher of The Deaf will provide guidance with regard to the specific needs of deaf children at Kingfisher School on the type and level of deafness the child has and their functional language level.

The teacher of the deaf will provide advice and support for the effective use of hearing technologies such as hearing aids, cochlear implants and radio aids.

The Teacher of The Deaf will promote good practise to ensure that learning takes place in rooms which provide a good listening environment and have good acoustics

The Teacher of the Deaf will request the provision of pre and post tutoring and access to teaching strategies and approaches to ensure access to teaching and learning for deaf children attending Kingfisher School

The Teacher of the Deaf will ensure and staff and as much as possible, other pupils are deaf aware and have a good understanding of what they need to do to ensure the deaf pupil is included within the school.

The Teacher of The Deaf will monitor all children who wear hearing aids and cochlear implants in school and will directly teach, provide planning, modelling and training for deaf children with support from the Teaching Assistants in the child’s class.

Children receive different levels of support which usually depends on their level of hearing loss

The Teacher of the Deaf works in partnership with parents of pupils attending Kingfisher School and will communicate with parents using the home school book, attend Annual Reviews and initial Audiology Clinic Appointments.

The Teacher of the Deaf will work closely with the staff at Kingfisher to ensure that deaf children attending the school have a happy and rewarding time and achieve their potential.