What We Learnt Last Half Term

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

As the school year comes to an end we have spent a lot of time preparing for transitions.  We have some children leaving us to move onto secondary schools and some children moving classes within Kingfisher. We have enjoyed looking at videos of New Bridge and all of the children in the Kestrels were impressed that they have a lift! We have shared social stories and all of the children have been able to talk about their new classrooms, staff and how they feel about the upcoming changes. Each child will have brought home some information about their new class groups and you will be able to continue sharing this over the Summer to help prepare your child for the changes.

We have enjoyed reading the story of ‘The Dot’ in Art and we thought about how we could create different dots; we made big dots, small dots, collaged dots and made new colours by mixing two paint dots together!

In Music we have continued finding instruments by name, we have played fast and slow, loud and quiet.  Some of the children have been learning about ‘beats’ and we have been practising playing the number of beats or syllables in a range of words.

We have carried on practising our writing this half term and have enjoyed writing in lots of different materials including sand, foam and rice!

We wish you all a lovely Summer and wish our Year 6 Leavers the very best,

The Kestrels