Occupational Therapy

At Kingfisher we have invested time and resources in helping children with diagnosed Sensory Processing Difficulties. This will have been initially detected via Oldham’s Childrens’ Occupational Therapy Team. The team will assess the child and then create a report for both school and home to implement. It is evident when a child’s sensory system is working well as we see calm and regulated children who are ready to learn.

What are Sensory Processing Difficulties?

Sensory Processing Difficulties (SPD sometimes called Sensory Integration or SI) is a term that refers to the way the body receives and interprets messages from the senses.

Humans have a multitude of senses that help them to gather information about the world around them: hearing, seeing, touch, smell, taste, balance, and proprioception (which is knowing what the muscles are doing without looking).

A “Sensory Diet” is a carefully designed, personalised activity plan that provides children with the sensory inputs they need to remain in a calm, alert state for a majority of the time.

To help support a child’s ‘Sensory Diet’ Nic Found and Sian Montgomery observe and work with the child and class team to provide them with a more detailed sensory diet. This is implemented at school and parents and carers may be invited into school to learn ways in which they can support the child at home.

Children’s Occupational Therapy is located in the Integrated Care Centre in Oldham.  Below are a range of services they can provide.

  • Home adaptations
  • Sensory profiling
  • Seating assessments
  • Slings and hoists
  • Additional equipment

This is run via a referral system, this can be actioned via your GP, consultants, paediatricians and school nurses.

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