What We Learnt Last Half Term

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

We have managed to fit so much into this half term but at the same time it seems to have passed so quickly! We have continued to take a healthy approach to the school day by completing our 1km walk on a Wednesday morning, Rebound Therapy, Yoga, Bikes, accessing the Hydrotherapy pool and considering our food choices throughout the day.  The children were fabulous when working with our student Alice and had some fun sessions with her!

In English we have written our reply to our pen pals and have designed a road safety poster each in Computing. These will go on display in our final week and we will ask staff and children to add a positive comment to our ballot box for each poster.

In Maths, we have focused on number work that linked to individual targets and have looked at hundreds, tens and ones. We loved making estimations and got really good at this before measuring lots of everyday items thinking about what we needed to use to measure them accurately.

We completed lots of experimental work to look at friction and how little and lots of friction change how things move. We then considered how the incline of a ramp changes how far a car travels and had a themed Space week in our final week.

In History, we looked at transport, how it has changed and how things work and had great fun making paper aeroplanes and rotors for a helicopter. In D.T. we have used wheels and axels to turn boxes into cars and decorated them before testing.

Also, thank you for your sunflower updates, we have some very caring and talented gardeners!

Towards the end of the term, we had a successful trip to Foxdenton Park thinking about our road safety on the way there and back and having a lot of fun on the park, playing games on the field and having a picnic. I was very proud to take the boys out of school as those that spoke to some adults along the way had beautiful manners and all the children shared the equipment with other children.

The Osprey Class have been amazing this half term and all the staff will miss them very much in September. I know I have felt incredibly lucky to work with such a lovely group of boys this year. A HUGE good luck to Lincon and Francis who will be leaving Kingfisher as Year 6 boys- you will be amazing!