Our Classes

Kingfisher Special School is organised into teams based on primary needs, which enables environments, learning and resources to be personalised. Classes maybe made up of different year groups as a result. 

Blue Team caters for children who are developing independent learning and moving onto conceptual and continuing learning skills where children are developing more abstract thoughts and intentions and gaining clearer insights into the early stages of the National Curriculum. 

Red Team caters for children with Autism.  Routine, and the security this brings, including strategies for planned change, are essential. 

Yellow Team  are emergent learners and those learning to learn where children’s understanding relies heavily on additional clues and support. Children are ‘learning to learn’ their own early responses and how these responses can affect their immediate environment. 

For some children, learning is a combination of all of the above, but the organisation, delivery and emphasis on content reflects how the children’s perceptions and learning approach can differ from others.

Please select your child’s class team below: