Outdoor Spaces

Kingfisher has many bespoke outdoor areas which are used for learning through our Creative Curriculum. Children also access the outdoor spaces at break and dinnertimes.

These stimulating outdoor environments offer opportunities for children to socialise with their friends. The spaces offer equipment on which children can explore, climb, swing and slide. The walls are decorated with interesting sensory artwork. As well as this, we also provide tables and benches.

The Web Playground



The Web Playground takes it name from our link with the local business Web Applications UK. In recent projects, children have visited their offices and created spider web pieces of artwork which have inspired the look of the playground. The Web Playground also contains a ‘Nature Balustrade which is a viewing platform for children to explore light, colour, pattens and the imagery of nature.




Moomalade Playground

The Moomalade Playground gets its name from our very own Kingfisher cow statue, part of the Cow Parade collection of 2004 and kindly gifted to us by our friends at Duerrs Jam. She is an orange cow and represents Duerrs exceptional marmalade. She is the centrepiece in a backdrop of creative artwork, which was inspired by a link project between Kingfisher and a local primary school where we used drama and art to bring our children together and create some fantastic art pieces. This work was then interpreted by Green Monster Arts to develop boards which can be used to tell stories, explore shape, colour and pattern and promote creative thinking. Also in the space is a variety of playground equipment for children to explore.

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