What We Learnt Last Half Term

In All Kinds of Weather

In the Parrots Class this half term we have focused on the topic ‘In All Kinds of Weather’.

Early English – We have looked at the text ‘Elmer’. We have worked on sharing other stories during our library time, building up our vocabulary around colours and animals featured in the text. The Parrots Class have been working on using more verbs, for example; ‘Elmer is rolling’, ‘the elephants are laughing’.

Early Maths – We have been working on writing numbers and matching numerals to amounts. Orange Group have also been looking again at colour and colour sorting, as well as developing our concept of number by identifying ‘one’ and ‘lots’ when shown objects or pictures. Green Group have been developing their number sense by exploring amounts of objects and looking at numerals through their continuous provision.

Creative Art and Design – The Parrots have been exploring process art. We have used straws to blow paint like the wind. Sponges and other tools have been used to mix paints and paint clouds. We have painted a rainbow using our hands, exploring each colour of the rainbow.

Move and Mark – the Parrots have been mark marking using tools. In Orange Group we have been focusing on writing CVC words like pat, sat, tap and sit. We have been writing on paper, whiteboards and on the computer. Green Group have been exploring mark making and completing circular patterns.

Understanding of the World – In UTW we have developed a three-way rotation of activities. Katie and Sarah run a Computing session using iPads and Classmates with the children. Small world/imaginative play is developed with Kirsty and Sam whilst Sally and Rachel have been leading the children in sensory learning linked to a different colour and scent, each week.

Yoga – This half term, we have continued to follow our tailor made yoga program. Yoga is used to help promote mindfulness and encourages mid-line crossing motions stimulating motor development on both sides of the body.   It helps children to focus, concentrate and learn how different postures can stimulate or relax different parts of the body. The children have become much more focused on how they are directing their bodies and showing massive improvements in following a leader during these sessions.

DMP – Children in Green Group have been exploring Developmental Movement Play, supported by teaching staff, in the studio each week.

Communication – Orange Group have been completing communication activities making requests in sentences for a sensory item they would like to use. For example, they will say “I want bubbles” or “I want the parachute please” to extend their spoken utterances. Green Group have been working on making choices via symbol and completing actions to corresponding action songs related to each object.