What We Learnt Last Half Term

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

This half term’s topic has been all about ‘Trains, Planes and Automobiles’.

We have really enjoyed reading the story, ‘The Naughty Bus’ during our Early English sessions. We have explored different interactive stages of the story, building our own cities with Lego blocks, pushing and pulling our buses through different wet and dry sensory materials as well as exploring our reflections and washing our buses clean with sponges and brushes. We also enjoyed learning new symbols to help us follow along with our story. Everyone has enjoyed creating their own naughty buses using techniques such as collaging and printing. The children have also made their own buses out of silk clay!

During our Early Maths sessions, we have been using song and rhyme to introduce counting backwards from 5 all relating to trains and planes. We have been focusing on sorting objects through a range of characteristics such as by colour, shape, and size as well as building with to create big and small towers and using inset puzzles to focus on our manipulation skills. During snack times the children are continuing to practise using pennies to buy items from the snack shop to help them understand transactions.

For our Music sessions we have been focusing on choosing instruments and playing these both fast and slow when shown symbols along with verbal instruction. The children have loved this and have enjoyed getting their bodies moving and dancing to new songs.

Throughout this half term we have been trying lots of different foods and new techniques such as chopping fruits, mixing milkshakes and buttering sandwiches. The children have loved exploring new textures and smells and independently creating their own snacks. They especially enjoyed our class picnic where we all sat together on a rug to make and eat our snacks!

The Pelicans have loved making their own giant bus during our art sessions. We have used brushes, rollers and sponges to paint it red then we added windows, wheels and signs. We even created and used our own bus tickets and boarded the naughty bus to Spain for our languages day where we made flags, maracas and fans!

Despite external factors impacting school life, we have made the most of our time in school and had a fantastic year together!

Love from the Pelicans.