What We Learnt Last Half Term

Change It

It has been lovely to welcome all our children back into the Penguins class and readjust to a happy and familiar structure to school after a turbulent start to the year. We have a class of very resilient children who have shown us how amazingly they adapt to change. Each and every one of the children have been super learners and we, as a class team, are so proud of them. Superstar Penguins!

This half term our topic has been ‘Change It’ and we have been thinking of all the ways we can change our learning activities to entice and engage the children; starting with the favourite ‘sensory food exploration’. Each week we have been exploring different toppings on biscuits and cakes. The children enjoyed decorating different biscuits with various toppings like icing sugar, chocolate spread, jam, and sprinkles! This week we made chocolate shredded wheat cakes topped with mini eggs to celebrate Easter.

As the weather is brightening up, we have been making the most of dry days and sunshine which has been a blessing; the Penguins love the outdoors. This half term, we have incorporated our textured kitchen outdoor area into ‘Play My Way’ sessions which has allowed us to utilise the space for sensory learning. We have been exploring the water tray, sand, tuff trays with porridge oats, coloured shaving foam and paints. This week we filled water balloons and the penguins loved watching the adults throw them high in the air and popping on the floor.

For our sensory story this half term we have been reading ‘Dear Zoo’. Each of the children have been using their problem solving skills to open different sized boxes to find the soft toys hidden inside. They have amazed us with their progress; learning to sit and listen to the full story and then exploring the sensory activities independently afterwards.

The children have made huge progress and have developed lovely relationships with their peers and staff. Well done to all of the Penguins for a fantastic half term. We are looking forward to seeing what next half term brings; hopefully lots of sunshine. We hope you all have a safe and restful Easter break and we look forward to seeing the children when they return.