What We Learnt Last Half Term

It’s Just a Load of Old Rubbish

The Penguins class have had yet another fun and exciting half term. It has been our pleasure to see the children happy, engaged and settled during the school day making fantastic progress and achieving new skills. Our topic this half term has been ‘What a load of old rubbish’ which the children have enjoyed exploring in our daily sessions and have shared lots of different and amazing learning experiences together.

During sensory food exploration, we have been making lots of tasty summer treats that our Penguins children love; Ice pops, fruit salads, veggie wraps and fruit smoothies using the very noisy blender! They have been using their fine motor skills to chop and spread all the different ingredients. The children have really surprised us when it comes to using their independence and exploring and tasting new foods; the ice cream was a class favourite for sure!

As the weather is starting to brighten up, we have been making the most of the sunshine; the Penguins love being outdoors, especially in the textured kitchen. This half term, we have incorporated our topic into our outdoor play, the penguins have been exploring  and cleaning up our ‘jungle’ space by seeing what rubbish we can find and then recycling it. We have also had lots of fun playing in our sand and water trays, trying to stay cool on warm days! All of the penguins loved watching the adults fill up water balloons, for the children to throw them up in the air and watch them pop on the floor.

The children are true artists and are enthusiastic about getting creative and messy during our sensory art. We have been supporting the children to develop their communication skills by giving them a choice of symbols to request which colour and tools they want to use to paint with. Each child has their own tray with a selection of paints; rollers, splatters, sponges and brushes. The children are able to make a choice from a selection and express themselves in their own unique way. We have incorporated our topic by finding used boxes/old rubbish we can find around school and turning them into some fabulous masterpieces! This has been a fun and calming activity allowing them to freely make their own amazing creation. After the session, they enjoyed washing their hands in warm soapy water and there have been some very helpful children who enjoyed helping the adults wipe the tables clean with a wet towel.

The children are now very confident and are increasingly more independent when travelling around School to different learning spaces such as; soft play, the studio, rebound therapy and also swimming. We have been celebrating our success every Friday afternoon with the Ducks when taking part in the SMILES Assembly. Sharing the achievements of children around School and in the Penguins class. All of the children have continued to develop their communication skills in ways that are meaningful to them. During our communication game: Penguin Pete’s treasure chest, the children have been making a choice of the object that they wanted to play with, huge favourites were the spinner, rocket balloon and bubbles.

Once again, all the children in the Penguins class have continued to work extremely hard and have enjoyed coming to school to have lots of fun learning with their friends and staff.  The staff are overjoyed from having such a wonderful and happy term with all the children and we look forward to spending the next half term together with hopefully plenty of sunshine! We are excited to see what next half term brings, well done to all the Penguins!

The Penguins Team.