Person Centred Planning

Personalised Planning Meetings (PPMs)

With the introduction of the new SEND Code of Practice, we have changed the way Annual Reviews look – they are now called Personalised Planning Meetings. These have been in place since October 2015 and we have had some great feedback as they are all centred around the child.

What is Person Centred Planning?

Person Centered Planning is a practical way to gather information to create a one-page profile for your child. This captures all the important information about them on a single sheet of paper under three simple headings: what makes me happy / what people like and admire about me / how best to support me.

What can I expect at the meeting?

You will meet with the class teacher and Vicky Montgomery or Natasha Bainbridge (PPM Officers); other professionals may also attend to share their knowledge about your child’s development. The meeting will be led by Vicky or Natasha who will capture the conversation and collate this information to create a one page profile.  You will be asked to be your child’s voice and talk about what makes them happy (or stops them from being unhappy), what we like and admire about them and how best to support them. Together we will create a one page profile which can then be added to over the year.

Person Centered Planning is about recognising every pupil as an individual. By focusing on what matters to each child we can continue to celebrate their uniqueness and plan for their learning

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