What We Learnt Last Half Term

Change It

The Puffins children have all settled back into class and are loving being back and spending time with their friends.

In Early Maths lessons, we have been focussing on all aspects of Early Maths through play and have been focussing on child-led learning.

During our Early English sessions, we have been listening to ‘Peter Puffin’s Home’. We have been looking at this story through the use of technology and have been focussing on colour this half term.

Each child has completed mark-making and writing activities during Move and Mark sessions and we have been focussing on lines (up and down) and circles this half term using different mediums such as foam, paint, chalk and whiteboards.

For Food Exploration this half term, we have been making sandwiches and looking at making sure we clean up after ourselves!

For Movement Sessions this half term we loved playing skittles and using an obstacle course to explore our gross movement.

The Puffins team all hope you have a fantastic Easter break filled with lots of rest!