What We Learnt Last Half Term

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Our last half term together has been busy and fun.  We’ve learnt lots of things and made some brilliant memories.

In English we used the story of ‘The Journey Home from Grandpas’ and made short sentences to describe the things we could see in the story.  Some of us used the props from the story sack to follow the sentences as we heard them. We enjoyed getting ready for the Euro Football Championships and made flags and banners to show which team we were supporting in the tournament.

In Maths we enjoyed consolidating everything we have learnt this year and spent lots of time making sure we had understood the things we had learned.  We played games, we built things, we used shapes to make things and we counted everything we could find.

In Science we learnt about push and pull.  For some of us this meant experimenting with pushing things down different ramps and seeing how far they would go.  We had to find out which ramp made things go further.  We also had to work out if a flat ramp worked best or if a raised ramp worked best at making things roll further.  Some of us explored the concepts of push and pull using lots of different toys and games.  For example, we used our class trolley and were pulled along in it.  We pushed sticks into holes in a tin to see how many we could collect.

In Art we used vehicles to create art work.  We rolled toy cars and trucks in different materials and then explored what patterns and prints we could make.  We also continued with some movement art using the swinging buckets only this time we mixed colours together to make new colours.

In Music, we put on a small concert for our friends and showed them our body percussion.  We played body percussion to Popcorn and to The Lion Sleeps Tonight.  They were very impressed at our skills in following the song and making music with our bodies.  We also had a live music concert with Live Music Now which we really enjoyed.

We have started to plan for our sport’s week as we come to the last week of the school year and we have been practising games like the Egg and Spoon race and the Relay race in our class so that we can compete in the sport’s events around school.  Michael took us to Foxdenton Park for the final time a week ago and we have all learnt to follow the route and access the play equipment in the park.  We have especially enjoyed swimming in the new pool and have taken advantage of every spare time we can to swim.  It has been great to see the children becoming more confident in the water.

As we finish this school year, despite its ups and downs, we would like to thank all the children and their families for your continued support.  Some children are moving to new classes, some staff are moving to new classes and some are staying put and so there is lots of change to come next year.  But we know that the resilient Ravens will thrive and have a fantastic time!

Have a wonderful summer and stay safe and happy.

The Ravens