Reporting to Parents

Each child’s Education Health and Care Plan is reflected within their PLP and parents meet at least annually through Personalised Planning Meeting (PPMs) to review their child’s progress, achievements and aspirations for the future, contributing to future priorities.

Evidence of learning is emailed to parents/carers at the end of each half term, reporting on achievements as they happen, giving a more immediate feedback on their child’s learning.  At the end of the year, a summary statement is written for parents.

Parents’ Evenings take place twice a year and parents are welcome to contact school at any point regarding their child’s progress.

Parents also receive regular updates on their child’s learning and achievements through Seesaw which can be accessed via a mobile phone/tablet. This ensures that up to date news can be shared with parents and carers daily. Each class’s planning and half-termly news updates are on the school’s website.

The Assessment for Learning at Kingfisher model clearly demonstrates the lines of accountability in statutory and non-statutory reporting arrangements.  Staff are helped to hold themselves to account for children’s learning through regular Accountability Forums, whilst developing as reflective practitioners who review their practice and seek to develop their professional knowledge and skills

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