What We Learnt Last Half Term

Sun, Sand and Sea

Well another WONDERFUL term of sensory learning with the Robins and Swans. Lots of amazing achievements, lots of WOW moments, and of course lots of hours of FUN!

This topic ‘SUN, SEA and SAND’ has given us lots of new learning experiences, and we have all had a great time and learned many new things with our friends, over the past seven weeks.

During ‘sensory food’ we explored lots of things you might have at the seaside. First we loved feeling/smelling/tasting (in some cases) ice cream, wafers, sauces and sprinkles, lots of sticky fun but a great experience. Next we had a selection of sea food – pooh – think the whole school knew when we explored that, but different textures and smells to stimulate the senses!!!! We also had very messy candy floss which stuck to everything, hot dogs and ketchup and icy cold slush puppies! BRRR! Lots of exciting learning fun, chance to explore, choose, share, and vocalise our likes and dislikes.

Sensory story ‘Seaside adventure’ with Joanne was fantastic fun, and again gave lots of opportunities to listen, look, explore, take turns and press the switch to operate the fan to feel the wind!

The children also showed preferences, communicated their choices, demonstrated great anticipation and thoroughly enjoyed lots of special times, alongside their classmates.

Our SMILES assembly has been a chance to get together with our friends, and have a quiet, reflective time. It has also given us an opportunity to explore the weekly theme, and we have energised, kept a healthy body and mind, and been active during our Sports Week. This has been one of the highlights of our term, and we loved joining in with boccia, playing hungry hippos, being involved in dodge ball, having races during sports afternoon, and having just THE BEST time on our ‘splash and soak’ afternoon, when everyone got drenched with water sprays, squirters, balloons and bubbles! Giggles could be heard far and wide!!!

On Fri Sajida/Anne/Joanne have done a lovely music session. Time to listen to different songs, play our own special instruments in our home-made band, use the resonance boards, take turns and have a fantastic time.

Soon this half term and school year will be finished. Gosh! Where did the time go again? The Robins/Swans have all been FANTASTIC, and we have had lots of sensory learning fun each day, and many SPECIAL WOW moments along the way

Thank you to everyone for another very busy half term/year of learning, and so many AMAZING times.

HAPPY HOLIDAY TO ONE AND ALL and very best wishes in your new classes in September.

Even though I will be retired after 40 years of teaching, I look forward to keeping in touch and hearing how everyone is doing.Thank You to everyone for all their care, support and friendship, and to all the SUPER CHILDREN I have had the pleasure to have in my classes!