Leadership Coaching Skills Training - Part 2


Coaching at this second level develops from the person-centred coaching of Part 1 towards the more pressing demands and imperatives of the workplace. This involves working with the wider school system, with teams and all the human and social dynamics, which are necessarily part of this broader picture. The nature of synergy and collaboration, motivation and engagement are all key features of this work, as is the question of what does this ask of us as leaders?

Learning Outcomes

Part 2 focuses on the skills, knowledge and understanding for:

  • establishing sound contracting arrangements appropriate to context and purpose;
  • coaching in a leadership role for learning, performance and accountability;
  • attending to the ethics and boundaries of coaching;
  • reflecting on and critiquing your own coaching practice; and
  • contributing to team and organisational learning in this field.


  • Leadership as a social function
  • Self, service and others
  • Soft systems dynamics and analysis
  • The nature of tensions and barriers
  • Empowering leadership
  • Relationships: an organising principle
  • Leadership as a sense of self
  • De-centering from the ego
  • Co-active coaching
  • Contracting, ethics and boundaries
  • Emotion and performance
  • Values
  • Coaching and school improvement
  • Opening up practice to scrutiny by peers
  • Reflective practice